10th December

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The coin behind door ten is the Slovenian 50 Stotinov.

The Tolar was the currency of Slovenia from 1991 until the introduction of the euro in 2007. It was divided into 100 Stotinov.

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Slovenian 50 Stotinov

The obverse of the 50 Stotinov features a square with the denomination ’50’ in the middle, with the words ‘REPUBLIKA SLOVENIJA’ running around the edge.

The reverse features a honey bee, with the latin name ‘ APIS MELLIFERA’ written along the right hand edge, and the denomination to the right. The Carniolan honey bee is native to Slovenia and Southern Austria.

The 50 Stotinov is made out of aluminum, which makes the coin particularly light, weighing only 0.85g. In comparison the British 1 Penny weighs 3.5g.

As the Tolar is no longer the currency of Slovenia, it is now very difficult to get hold of these scarce coins.

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