11th December

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The coin behind door eleven is the Guyanese 1 Dollar.

The Currency in Guyana is the Guyanese Dollar, which has been the currency in the country since 1839.

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Guyanese 1 Dollar

The obverse of the Guyanese 1 Dollar features  the Coat of Arms of Guyana.

The top of the Coat of Arms features a traditional head dress to represent the indigenous people of the country. The two jaguars on either side hold a pick axe and a sugar cane to represent the mining, sugar, and rice industries. The central shield features the Victoria Amazonica lily, Guyana’s national flower, and the Canje Pheasant, the national bird. The motto written at the bottom translates as “One people. One Nation. One Destiny”.

The reverse features the denomination and a hand holding rice plants, with the words ‘RICE HARVEST’ underneath to acknowledge the importance of the rice industry for the country.

The official language of Guyana is English.

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