12th December

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The coin behind door twelve is the Icelandic 10 Aurar.

Iceland is the smallest country to have its own currency, which is called Krona and is subdivided into Aurar.

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Icelandic 10 Aurar

The word Krona comes from the latin word ‘corona’, which means crown. This is why lots of other Nordic countries have currencies called ‘Krona’. The word ‘Aurar’ derives from the latin ‘aureus’, which means ‘golden‘.

The obverse of this 10 Aurar features a design of Griðungur the bull, one of the four traditional guardian spirits of Iceland. The spirits are called landvættir, and originated in Nordic mythology. They are believed to protect the four quarters of Iceland: the griffin (Gammur) protects the north of Iceland, the giant (Bergrisi) the south, the dragon (Dreki) the east, and the bull (Griðungur), protects the west.

The reverse features the denomination and a squid. Fishing is really important in Iceland, and squid are usually used as bait.

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