15th December

Advent Calendar Banner Desktop 1 - 15th December

The coin behind window fifteen is 1 Cent from Canada.

Like all Canadian coinage the obverse of this 1 Cent features the reigning Monarch of the time. This obverse features a portrait of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, by designer Dora de Pedery-Hunt.

Canada 2012 Coin 300x208 - 15th December

Canadian 1 Cent

The reverse design by George Edward Kruger Gray features two maple leaves on a twig with the denomination above. This image is actually botanically incorrect as the two leaves are on the twig alternately, when maples always have leaves that are directly opposite to each other on the twig.

The maple leaf has been on the Canadian 1 Cent coin every year from 1937 until 2012 when it was discontinued, apart from one year. In 1967 a special reverse design of a rock dove was used instead.

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