16th December

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The coin behind window sixteen is the 1 Stotinka coin from Bulgaria.

The currency in Bulgaria is the Lev, made up of one-hundred Stotinka. In archaic Bulgarian, the word ‘Lev’ meant ‘lion’.

Bulgaria Coin 300x208 - 16th December

Bulgarian 1 Stotinka

The reverse features the denomination above the lettering ‘СТОТИНКА’ which translates as ‘1 Stotinka’. The twelve stars around the edge represent Europe.

The obverse of the 1999 1 Stotinka features the Madara Horseman facing right, killing a lion with a spear. This image is from the early medieval Madara Rider rock carving in the village of Madara in East Bulgaria, which dates back to the First Bulgarian Empire in AD 705-801. The archaeological site was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979, and declared a “National Symbol of Bulgaria” in 2009.

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