19th December

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The coin behind door nineteen is the Zambian 1 Ngwee.

The currency in Zambia is the Kwacha, which is subdivided into 100 Ngwee.

The name ‘Kwacha’ comes from the Nyanja word for ‘Dawn’, referring to the Zambian nationalist slogan of “A new dawn of freedom“. The name Ngwee translates as “bright”.

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The Zambian 1 Ngwee

The obverse features a portrait of Kenneth Kaunda, who was the first president of Zambia, after Zambia gained independence from British Rule, serving in office from 1964-1991.

The reverse features an image of an Aardvark and the denomination. The Aardvark is a native African animal that is the only surviving member of its family. Aardvark is Afrikaans for ‘earth pig’ because early European settlers thought it looked like a pig.

The official language of Zambia is English.

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