20th December

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The coin behind door twenty is the Ecuadorian 100 Sucres.

From 1884-2000 the currency of Ecuador was the Sucre.

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Ecuadorian 100 Sucre

The Sucre is named after the Freedom Fighter Antonio José de Sucre who fought for the freedom of South America from Spain. He is also honoured by being featured on the obverse of this Sucre coin.

The 1997 Sucre was issued to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Central Bank of Ecuador, which was formed in 1927 to help with issues of inflation and abuse of credit.

The Sucre maintained a stable exchange rate to the US Dollar until 1999 when the exchange value dropped by 67% in just one year, ending at 25,000 Sucre = 1 US Dollar. President Jamil Muhaud then announced that the US Dollar would be adopted as their currency, and the Sucre ceased to be legal tender. This means that Sucre coins are now very  difficult to get hold of.

The official language of Ecuador is Spanish.

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