9th December

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The coin behind door nine is the Tanzania 10 Senti.

The Shilling is the currency in Tanzania, subdivided into 100 Senti.

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Tanzanian 10 Senti

After Tanzania gained independence in 1961, the East African Shilling was replaced with the Tanzanian Shilling in 1966.

The obverse of this 10 Senti coin features Julius Nyre, who was the first President of Tanzania, and won the Ghandi Peace Prize in 1995 for his non-violent struggle for Tanzania’s independence.

The reverse features a zebra and the denomination. Zebras are part of the semi-annual migration across the Serengeti in Northern Tanzania, which involves nearly two-million herbivores. It is often listed as one of the wonders of the world.

The 10 Senti is a unique shape which makes it stand out. Globally, coins are usually simply round, but this has a scalloped shape with ten notches.

The official languages of Tanzania are English and Swahili.

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