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The coin re-issued for Isle of Man TT fans…

For two weeks of the year since 1907, the small island of the Isle of Man plays host to the most dangerous motor racing event in the world…

The prestigious Isle of Man TT takes place on public roads spanning 37.73 miles around the island, with over 200 sharp twists and bends and rising up to 1,300ft off sea-level!


MD StNinians 620 - The coin re-issued for Isle of Man TT fans...

Michael Dunlop at St Ninian’s Crossroads. Credit: Official IoM TT website, www.iomtt.com


Last year, to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the TT Races, a £5 was issued depicting the famous Senior TT Trophy to celebrate the renowned event.

And the popularity of the Isle of Man TT races has resulted in a very special release for 2018…

The coin has been re-issued and re-dated for 2018. The brand new coin features the same design as last year, depicting the esteemed senior TT racing trophy, the pinnacle of road racing awards. The trophy itself features Mercury, the Winged God of the Messengers from Roman Mythology standing atop a winged wheel.

As collectors know, a re-struck coin does not happen very often so we expect this to be snapped up quickly.


Special 2018 striking date IOM TT Races Senior Trophy £5 


Isle of Man TT 5 Pound Coin E mail Banner No Button 1 - The coin re-issued for Isle of Man TT fans...


The ultimate addition to any coin collection. The coin features the IOM TT Senior Trophy with a special 2018 striking date – a rare occurrence and one that will make this coin hugely collectable to not only TT Race fans but sharp-eyed collectors.

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Brand New Official UK Remembrance Day Coin issued today…

2018 is an incredibly poignant year as the world commemorates the First World War Armistice Centenary concluding four years of bloody and gruelling combat, the like of which had never been seen before.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, the Allies of WWI and Germany signed an agreement for cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of the war, at last bringing peace after 4 years of conflict.

As a tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, a brand new £5 coin has been issued by The Royal Mint for 2018.

Designed by Royal Mint engraver Laura Clancy, the focal point of this year’s design is a stunning poppy design symbolic of the resilient and determined poppies that grew amidst the chaos in the valley of the Somme.

2018 Remembrance Day 5 BU obverse reverse 2 - Brand New Official UK Remembrance Day Coin issued today...

Like last year’s Remembrance Day coin, selective colour printing has been expertly used to draw attention to the vibrant red poppy design, a truly touching tribute to those lost in the war.

We expect this year’s centenary coin to have a very strong reception, based not only on its stunning design, but also the significance of this 100 year anniversary since Armistice.


Commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One with the Brand New UK £5 Issue

As we reach this important centenary year, we look back with sombre hearts for those lost in the war, and honour their sacrifice and the sacrifices of all those who risked their lives in pursuit of the Allied victory.

Due to the significance of this new coin release, demand for this historic tribute is anticipated to be high!

2018 Remembrance Day 5 BU obverse reverse 1 - Brand New Official UK Remembrance Day Coin issued today...

Secure your 2018 Remembrance Day CERTIFIED BU £5 Coin today for just £14.99 (plus P&P) and own a lasting tribute to the fallen. We Will Remember Them.

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What makes the 2017 Isle of Man £5 so interesting?

Last year, the coins of the Isle of Man made the headlines. Not only did all their circulation coins have a total redesign, the first in 13 years,  they also announced that they would continue to issue ’round pound’ coins rather than opting to use the paper £1 note like both Jersey and Guernsey did.

The coins feature a new effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, created by designer and sculptor Jody Clark, which will also be used on all coins from Crown dependencies and Commonwealth countries. The outer description includes the Queen’s full title, country of issue and year of issue.


fiveten pence b 300x300 - What makes the 2017 Isle of Man £5 so interesting?

New effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The iconic design of the 2017 Isle of Man £5 coin features the Triskelion (three armoured legs) which is arguably the most known symbol of the island and is included in both the coat of arms and the flag of the Isle of Man.

ImageGen 1 - What makes the 2017 Isle of Man £5 so interesting?

But while this fitting Triskelion design features on the reverse  and the new effigy of Her Majesty the Queen features on the obverse, that’s not what makes this coin so interesting…

You may or may not know this about the Isle of Man…

The Isle of Man is in fact the only Crown dependency country that circulates their £5 coins, meaning you could find this coin in your change… and spend it!

But if you’re ever lucky enough to find one in your change I’m sure you won’t want to spend it, as it’s certain to have one of the lowest mintages for any British Isles circulation coin.

A further difference between this coin and the traditional UK commemorative £5 is the size…


Picture1 3 - What makes the 2017 Isle of Man £5 so interesting?

Isle of Man £5 compared to UK £5


The IOM £5 coin is just over 6mm smaller in size at 32mm (UK £5s measure 38.61mm) and weighs in at just 11.7g (compared to 28.28g for a UK £5) so is reasonably light to carry around in your pocket or purse.

So tell us… would you spend this £5 coin if you found it on the Isle of Man?

Own the ONLY British Isles circulating £5 coin

ImageGen - What makes the 2017 Isle of Man £5 so interesting?

The Isle of Man is the only part of the British Isles to use a genuinely circulating £5 Coin. Become one of the few people to own this coin by securing one for your collection today >>