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Prince Charles in coins…

The Prince of Wales is the world’s longest serving heir apparent, supporting Her Majesty the Queen as her representative while also playing an important role in founding and supporting numerous charitable causes. And on the 14th November this year, HRH The Prince of Wales will celebrate a landmark birthday.

To celebrate the 70th birthday of our future King, The Royal Mint has just announced the release of a brand new UK coin.The release of this coin is sure to be exciting for Change Checkers  in the knowledge that the last UK £5 coin that featured Prince Charles turned out to be extremely rare.

The Prince of Wales has had numerous commemorative coins minted to mark special occasions throughout his lifetime, and to celebrate his 70th birthday we’ve taken a look back at the history of Prince Charles in coins.  From his first marriage to Princess Diana, to landmark birthday celebrations and now in 2018 as heir apparent to the throne, he will celebrate his 70th birthday…

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer 25 pence – 1981

1981%20(Charles%20and%20Diana%20Wedding) - Prince Charles in coins...

1981 Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer Crown

The first ever UK coin issued in the Prince of Wales’ honour, was for his wedding to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.  The coin was struck by The Royal Mint and was a crown tariffed at 25 pence (although no denomination was actually inscribed on the coin).

It was the first time that three people were portrayed on a British coin simultaneously, with the reverse featuring the conjoined profiles of the bridal couple and the effigy of Her Majesty the Queen by Arnold Machin RA.

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Prince Charles’ 50th birthday – 1998

1998 Prince Charles 50th %C2%A35 - Prince Charles in coins...

1998 Prince Charles 50th birthday £5

To mark his 50th birthday, The Royal Mint struck a £5 coin issued in five metal versions, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Prince of Wales’ Trust.

This charitable organisation was established to further the interests of young people and also provides the theme for the reverse, which portrays the Prince alongside a 33 word inscription setting out the aims and ideals of the Trust. This inscription is so long that it actually takes the title as the longest inscription on any British coin!

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The Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles – 2005

Charles and Camilla - Prince Charles in coins...

2005 Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla £5

This 1 Dollar coin from the Cook Islands was issued to celebrate the wedding of Charles and Camilla, however it actually features the wrong date following a last minute delay to the wedding of 24 hours, so that HRH Prince Charles could attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II as the representative of the Queen. The date was unable to be changed as the coins had already been struck!

The design features a portrait of the couple and the incorrect date ‘08.04.2005’ and has a very low mintage of just 5,000, making it a significantly scarce and collectible coin.

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Prince Charles and Prince Charles’ 60th birthday – 2008

charles c2a35 - Prince Charles in coins...

2008 Prince Charles 60th birthday £5

This £5 coin was released for Prince Charles’ 60th birthday and in fact has the lowest mintage figure in the history of UK ‘circulated’ £5 coins. Just 14,088 of these coins were struck by The Royal Mint in 2008 and was one of the last £5 coins to be issued at face value.

This coin features the portrait of Charles by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, whose effigy of the Queen has been used on British coins since 1998. The inscription ICH DIEN means ‘I serve’ and is taken from the Badge of the Prince of Wales.

This coin is extremely sought after by collectors but unfortunately we do not have any stock currently available. Are you lucky enough to have this coin in your collection?

Four Generations of Royalty

The Four Generations of Royalty 2018 - Prince Charles in coins...

2018 Four Generations of Royalty £5

At the start of this year, The Royal Mint released this £5 coin which was highly anticipated from the moment HRH Prince George of Cambridge was born on 22nd July 2013 – The Four Generations of Royalty £5 coin.

This is the first time ever that The Royal Mint has issued a coin that celebrates all four generations in line to the throne on a single coin.

The reverse features an original design by much-loved calligrapher Timothy Noad, and ornately shows the initials of the current four generations, E, C, W, G, and represents the heritage of the House of Windsor.

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Prince Charles’ 70th birthday – 2018

The 70th Birthday of the Prince of Wales 2018 UK £5 BU Coin uku51886 reverse 1024x1021 - Prince Charles in coins...

The 70th Birthday of the Prince of Wales 2018 UK 5 BU Coin uku51886 reverse 300x300 - Prince Charles in coins...

2018 Prince Charles 70th Birthday £5

2018 has been a truly unforgettable year for the Royals, celebrating the Queen’s 65th Jubilee, the birth of Prince Louis, the marriage of Harry and Meghan and on the 14th of November, the 70th birthday of HRH The Prince of Wales.

This brand new £5 coin celebrates Prince Charles’ 70th birthday this year, featuring a brand new portrait of the Prince, created by widely respected designer, Robert Elderston who was once an apprentice engraver at The Royal Mint at its previous home in Tower hill more than 50 years ago. 

What makes this coin particularly interesting is that it could be very similar to the portrait of Prince Charles that will feature on all United Kingdom coinage once he becomes King.

The 2018 Prince Charles £5 has now been officially released and is available to order here >>

It’s clear that each coin commemorating a momentus period of Prince Charles’ life has proven to be a rarity in some way, whether it be due to having such a low mintage figure, an unusual design or fascinating story.

As we know, £5 coins are reserved for the most important Royal and Historical anniversaries, and this £5 is the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of our future King.

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Christmas comes early for Change Checkers as new UK coin is announced!

It might only be October, but we’ve already got that festive feeling at Change Checker HQ, as a brand new 2018 Christmas coin has just been announced!

In August we heard the exciting news that a Snowman 50p would be released this year, but on top of this, we are now delighted to reveal an early Christmas present for you all, as The Royal Mint will also be issuing a £5 coin this Christmas, featuring the Nutcracker!

2018 Nutcracker £5 coin

Christmas really has come early for us all, as this beautifully Christmassy, brand new coin for 2018 is now available to add to your Christmas list!

Change Checker 2018 Christmas Card Product Page Image3 - Christmas comes early for Change Checkers as new UK coin is announced!

This fantastically festive coin design by acclaimed engraver, Harry Brockway features a magical scene from the Nutcracker ballet.. It is the very first time that the Nutcracker has appeared on a UK coin and is only available in Brilliant Uncirculated quality – dare I say it’s the perfect gift idea if you’re looking to get ahead with your Christmas shopping!

Let’s take a look back at some other UK Christmas Issues…

The FIRST EVER UK Christmas £5 coin

Last year saw the FIRST EVER UK Christmas £5 coin being struck by The Royal Mint, featuring a traditional Christmas tree design by engraver and printmaker Edwina Ellis.

Picture1 6 - Christmas comes early for Change Checkers as new UK coin is announced!

The Christmas tree plays a key role in festive traditions, from decorating with baubles to keeping presents around the tree and opening them, so it is only fitting that one of the most iconic symbols of the festive period was featured on the first UK £5 Christmas Coin.

This seasonal sensation was so popular that The Royal Mint have struck again, and this year’s Nutcracker coin is sure to be another festive favourite!

The Christmas Nativity Story portrayed on the UK £20 Coin

In 2016, The Royal Mint struck a special Fine Silver £20 coin celebrating the Nativity story. The coin was designed by Bishop Gregory Cameron, who also created the design for the last ‘round pound’.

2016 RM Nativity REV - Christmas comes early for Change Checkers as new UK coin is announced!

This was the first Christmas coin ever struck by The Royal Mint and was a limited issue with a mintage of only 30,000 coins. Struck in solid fine .999 Silver, this stunning coin weighs in at one half of an ounces – perhaps a bit heavy to hang on your Christmas tree!

The much anticipated Snowman 50p – due to be released later this year

This year will certainly be a merry one, as the Nutcracker £5 isn’t the only Christmas coin to be released this year. As already mentioned, a new 50p coin has been announced, featuring a depiction of the Snowman and the boy flying through the air, as taken from the book ‘The Snowman’.

Snowman 50p Obverse 1024x1024 - Christmas comes early for Change Checkers as new UK coin is announced!

It’s expected the coin will be issued later this year to celebrate 40 years of Raymond Brigg’s ‘The Snowman’, with commemorative collector’s editions available in Brilliant Uncirculated, Silver and Gold being made available.

So, will you be adding these coins to your Christmas list this year? We think they’re just wonderful and can’t wait to hear what Change Checkers think about these beautiful Christmas designs. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The only Christmas card you’ll want this year!

Change Checker 2018 Christmas Card Product Page Image8 - Christmas comes early for Change Checkers as new UK coin is announced!

Why not send some festive cheer to friends and family with the Official Change Checker Christmas Card, featuring this beautiful Nutcracker £5 coin!

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The coin re-issued for Isle of Man TT fans…

For two weeks of the year since 1907, the small island of the Isle of Man plays host to the most dangerous motor racing event in the world…

The prestigious Isle of Man TT takes place on public roads spanning 37.73 miles around the island, with over 200 sharp twists and bends and rising up to 1,300ft off sea-level!

MD StNinians 620 - The coin re-issued for Isle of Man TT fans...

Michael Dunlop at St Ninian’s Crossroads. Credit: Official IoM TT website, www.iomtt.com

Last year, to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the TT Races, a £5 was issued depicting the famous Senior TT Trophy to celebrate the renowned event.

And the popularity of the Isle of Man TT races has resulted in a very special release for 2018…

The coin has been re-issued and re-dated for 2018. The brand new coin features the same design as last year, depicting the esteemed senior TT racing trophy, the pinnacle of road racing awards. The trophy itself features Mercury, the Winged God of the Messengers from Roman Mythology standing atop a winged wheel.

As collectors know, a re-struck coin does not happen very often so we expect this to be snapped up quickly.


Special 2018 striking date IOM TT Races Senior Trophy £5 

Isle of Man TT 5 Pound Coin E mail Banner No Button 1 - The coin re-issued for Isle of Man TT fans...

The ultimate addition to any coin collection. The coin features the IOM TT Senior Trophy with a special 2018 striking date – a rare occurrence and one that will make this coin hugely collectable to not only TT Race fans but sharp-eyed collectors.

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