Harry Potter The Winged Keys 50p – Catch it while you can!

Attention collectors – the enchanting 2024 UK Harry Potter: The Winged Keys 50p is flying your way! But it’s more than just a coin, it’s a portal to the wondrous world of Harry Potter…

2024 UK Harry Potter: The Winged Keys 50p
2024 UK Harry Potter: The Winged Keys 50p

Based on one of the most memorable moments from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, the Winged Keys 50p features Harry soaring around an underground chamber on his broomstick, chasing after fluttering winged keys. Harry was, of course, joined by best friends Hermione and Ron in this thrilling scene, and the design on this coin perfectly captures the trio’s camaraderie and adventure as they attempt to get one step closer to the Philosopher’s Stone.

But what makes this coin truly special isn’t just the stunning design and feeling of nostalgia it sparks, but the story it tells – a tale of friendship, bravery, and the sheer joy of discovery.

Magical Detail

You might need to get your magnifying glass out for this one, as there are so many incredible details to see! The first thing that draws your eye is Harry Potter himself in the centre, riding his broomstick and reaching out for the old key with the broken wing. But there is so much more to see…

Explore the incredibly detailed design of the 2024 UK Harry Potter: The Winged Keys 50p

If you look closely, you can make out the details on the walls of the tall chamber the scene takes place in, as well as a mischievous looking stone gargoyle sat atop of the very door that Harry and his friends are trying to open. Either side of the gargoyle are carved snakes winding their way up pillars and torches lighting the way.

And I haven’t even touched on the plethora of flying keys there are to spot, you really do have to see the coin for yourself to find them all!

Will you be adding The Winged Keys 50p to your collection to see the detail for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Previous Harry Potter Coins

Seasoned collectors will know that this isn’t the first time Harry Potter has featured on UK coins. Back in 2022 and 2023, we saw 4 UK 50p coins issued celebrating 25 years since the publication of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.

The designs featured iconic images taken directly from Jim Kay’s illustrated edition of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, including Harry Potter himself, the Hogwarts Express train, Professor Dumbledore and of course, where all the magic takes place – Hogwarts School!

All of the coins in the series include the inscription ’25 Years of Magic’ to celebrate the anniversary, and special lenticular features which switch between the number 25 and Harry’s trademark lightning bolt when tilted – a feature never seen before on UK 50p coins!

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Spectacular Star Wars™ Spacecraft 50ps flying into your collection!

Get ready to embark on an epic journey through the galaxy with the Star Wars™ Spacecraft 50p series!

This 4-coin series features some of the most iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars™ universe.

Death Star II 50p

The fourth and final coin in the Star Wars Spacecraft series features the fearsome Death Star II!

The Death Star is undoubtedly one of the most iconic structures in the Star Wars universe, but unfortunately it didn’t survive the Battle of Yavin. That’s where Darth Sidious came in, insisting that it was reconstructed – and the Death Star II was born.

2024 UK Death Star II 50p

The reverse design of the Death Star II 50p features the unfinished battle station looming in space, along with the official Star Wars logo.

And here’s the best part, above the Death Star II on the reverse is a special lenticular feature which shows both the Galactic Empire insignia and the distinct outline of the Death Star II when tilted.

Did you know? The Death Star II, codenamed Second Sun, was made from Quadanium steel and was much larger than its predecessor, measuring 200km in diameter!

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X-Wing 50p

The third coin in the Star Wars Spacecraft series features the versatile X-Wing!

The X-Wing was the Rebel Alliance’s primary dogfighter, and was known for its versatility and exceptional combat performance. As one of the spacecraft that’s become synonymous with the Star Wars™ franchise, it’s no surprise that it features in this series.

2024 UK X-Wing 50p
2024 UK X-Wing 50p

The reverse design of this new 50p shows the adaptable X-Wing flying through space, with open S-foils in attack position. If you look closely you can even see 4 laser cannons, one at the end of each wing tip, and the torpedo launchers underneath the main body of the vehicle.

The X-Wing 50p also includes a unique lenticular feature, which shows two different designs when the coin is tilted, the Rebel Alliance Starbird and a silhouette of an X-Wing.

lenticular feature
A unique lenticular feature shows both the Rebel Alliance Starbird and a silhouette of an X-Wing when tilted

Did you know? The X-Wing was intended to become the backbone of the Imperial Navy’s fleet, however political forces led the Galactic Empire to adopt the more affordable TIE Fighter instead.

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TIE Fighter 50p

The second coin in the series represents the dark side, featuring the menacing TIE Fighter! The reverse design shows a TIE Fighter soaring through space, no doubt its engines would be emitting its trademark howl, known to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

2024 TIE Fighter 50p
2024 TIE Fighter 50p

And here’s where it gets even more excitingthis 50p also includes a dynamic lenticular feature! Tilt the coin one way, and you’ll see the emblem of the Galactic Empire, tilt it the other way, and behold the terrifying TIE Fighter!

A dynamic lenticular feature shows both the emblem of the Galactic Empire and the TIE Fighter when tilted

Did you know? The distinctive sound of the TIE fighter in flight was created by combining and elephant call with a car driving on wet pavement.

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Millennium Falcon 50p

The Millennium Falcon 50p features a design by Lucasfilm of the ship soaring through space, along with the Star Wars logo.

2024 Millennium Falcon 50p
2024 Millennium Falcon 50p

And here’s the coolest partthis coin also includes a special lenticular feature! Tilt the coin one way, and you’ll see the Millennium Falcon, tilt it the other way and you’ll catch a glimpse of the Rebel Alliance Starbird!

The unique lenticular feature shows both the Rebel Alliance Starbird and the Millennium Falcon when tilted.

Piloted by dynamic duo Han Solo and Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon is perhaps the most recognisable ship in the entire Star Wars franchise. She was the star of countless legendary moments, such as making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, successfully navigating an asteroid field against 3720 to 1 odds and narrowly escaping the jaws of a giant space worm – to name just a few!

Did you know? George Lucas changed the original Millennium Falcon model at the last minute. He was inspired by a half eaten burger placed next to an olive on a toothpick and changed the shape of the ship to how we know it today.

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Previous Star Wars™ Character Duos 50ps

Cast your mind back to the previous Star Wars Character Duos 50p series which caused a real buzz in the coin collecting community.

We saw beloved character duos such as C-3PO and R2-D2, Darth Vader and Emperor Palatine, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and of course Han Solo and Chewbacca feature on these coins. It was the most popular 50p coin series we’ve had in recent years…and the Star Wars™ Spacecraft series is set to be even bigger and better!

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Celebrate over 250 years of Royal History with the Buckingham Palace £5

When visiting London, there’s one place that’s most likely to be on everyone’s sightseeing list…Buckingham Palace! And as one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, it’s only fitting that it now features on a UK £5 coin!

2024 UK Buckingham Palace £5
2024 UK Buckingham Palace £5

A design fit for a King…or Queen!

The 2024 UK Buckingham Palace £5 was first issued in January as part of the 2024 Annual Coin Set, but it’s now been individually released!

The design on this new £5, by Henry Gray, pays tribute to the building that carries so much history, with a beautifully detailed depiction of the front of Buckingham Palace. If you look closely, you’ll see the Royal Standard flying, which signifies the presence of a British Monarch, and the whole design is encircled in a floral ring, tying in with the King’s love of nature.

The Royal Standard can be seen flying atop the Palace
The Royal Standard can be seen flying atop the Palace

The History of the Palace

Buckingham Palace has been in the Royal Family since 1761, when George III bought it as Buckingham House for his wife, Queen Charlotte, to use as their family home. It wasn’t until 1826 that George IV transformed the house into a palace, however the project took much longer and cost much more than expected and was finished by his successor William IV, although he never actually moved in.

Illustration of Buckingham House
Illustration of Buckingham House
Public Domain

Queen Victoria was the first monarch to take up residence in Buckingham Palace in 1837, and it remained the royal residence and place of official business until the end of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. It now serves as King Charles III’s administrative headquarters, although he doesn’t live there.

Many a state visit and national celebration have taken place at the Palace, most recently the King’s Coronation celebrations and Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. It also facilitated significant moments in history, such as the signing of The London Declaration in 1949 that created the Commonwealth as we know it today.

Buckingham Palace in 2009
Buckingham Palace in 2009
Credit: Diliff, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know…Buckingham Palace boasts 775 rooms, a cinema, swimming pool, post office, police station, a doctor’s clinic and a cash machine! It also has the largest private garden in London, covering 42 acres and including a helipad, a lake and tennis courts!

Secure your Buckingham Palace £5

With its rich history, it’s surprising that this is the first time that Buckingham Palace has ever featured on a UK £5 coin. What’s not surprising though, is that the Buckingham Palace £5 was voted your second favourite coin design from the 2024 Annual Set.

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