Wands at the ready, the UK’s FIRST Harry Potter 50p is coming soon!

The witching hour is nearly upon us and something big is brewing… the UK’s FIRST Harry Potter 50p is set to be issued on Thursday 20th October, at 9am.

And, The Royal Mint have revealed the design of this brand-new coin!

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UK Harry Potter 50p coin reverse.
Showing Harry Potter's side profile, lenticular feature that shows '25' and a lightning bolt. 
Inscription reads: 'Harry Potter' and '25 Years of Magic'
Set against a misty dark purple background with gold stars around.
Reverse design of the 2022 UK Harry Potter 50p
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The best news is that this will kick-start a magical collection of 50p coins, all celebrating 25 years since the publication of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Whilst exact designs of the other coins are still locked in the Chamber of Secrets‘, the latest proclamation has revealed that we can expect the following to feature in the collection:

  • A depiction of the Hogwarts Express and the figure of Harry Potter with the inscription, ‘Hogwarts Express 25 Years of Magic’
  • A depiction of Albus Dumbledore and the inscription, ‘Albus Dumbledore 25 Years of Magic’
  • A depiction of Hogwarts School and the inscription, ‘Hogwarts 25 Years of Magic’

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books in 1997, and has since gone on to be one of the world’s most popular books of all time.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Harry Potter 50p design!

Brand new Alan Turing 50p set to rival the demand of Stephen Hawking 50p!

Founder of modern computer science, English mathematician and philosopher, Alan Turing is famed for his leading role in breaking Nazi ciphers during the Second World War by decoding the Enigma Machine.

His contributions to the war effort, along with his concepts in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence make him one of the most influential British figures of the 20th century.

In 2022, to celebrate his life and achievements, The Royal Mint have issued a brand new 50p coin, designed by Matt Dent and Christian Davies.

Tucked behind a representation of machine cogs, in a touching nod to Turing’s code-breaking, Bombe, enigma-inspired code features as an inscription.

But, this coin’s design also features several secret features, which are SURE to grab the attention of the most serious coin collectors. Can you decipher them?


Can you spot the words ‘GEARS GRIN THAN’ on the design of this coin?

When these words are entered into the ‘What 3 Words‘ navigation database, it shows a location for the University of Cambridge, where Turing studied mathematics!


The next hidden message is one of my favourite features of any UK coin.

Alan Turing’s famous quote ‘Only a foretaste of what is to come’ appears as an inscription.
This quote came from his reflections of his code-breaking machine, Bombe.


And of course, the designers behind this fantastic design get an honorary feature, with Christian Davies and Matt Dent’s initials featuring as an inscription.

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Wartime hero, Alan Turing

Colour portrait photograph of Alan Turing, war-time hero.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
Alan Turing Colourised Portrait. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Alan Turing is so famed for his efforts during the Second World War, that his life and achievements have been written into story books, and even portrayed on the big screen!

Both Turing and Stephen Hawking are famed for their technological advancements, having both been celebrated on TV and film. But now, they’ve now both been commemorated on a UK 50p!

The 2019 Stephen Hawking 50p saw huge worldwide interest and SELL OUTS at The Royal Mint within just hours of release!

The 2019 UK Stephen Hawking 50p coin reverse design.
Concentric circles to represent a black hole, as theorised by Hawking. Featuring as inscriptions:
The Bekenstein-Hawking formula and 'STEPHEN HAWKING'
2019 Stephen Hawking 50p.

Due to the popularity and fame of this British scientist, it was no surprise that the Stephen Hawking 50p was picked up in news articles across the globe, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II even commenting that it was one of her favourite coin designs!

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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games celebrated on new UK 50p coin!

Since 1930, the Commonwealth Games have brought nations together in a celebration of sport and human performance.

The Games have grown from just 11 countries and 400 athletes, to a global sensation featuring 6,600 sports men and women across 72 nations and territories.

This year, to celebrate the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, a brand new UK 50p has been released!

2022 UK Commonwealth Games 50p

2022 Commonwealth Games 50p

Initially issued as part of The Royal Mint’s 2022 Annual Coin Set, this brand new 50p issue, designed by Natasha Preece, incorporates the unmistakable geometric patterns of Birmingham Library.

What’s more, this coin has been collaboratively developed with Birmingham 2022 and each home nation’s respective team!

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With this high level of anticipation for the UK’s next sporting coin, this new Commonwealth Games 50p is expected to be incredibly sought-after among collectors…

Sporting coins are some of the most popular themes of UK coins, with previous coin issues seeing sell-outs and high demand…

2022 UK 150 Years of the FA Cup £2

2022 UK 150 Years of the FA Cup £2

In 2022, to celebrate a remarkable 150 years of the FA Cup, a brand new UK £2 coin was issued featuring the famed FA Cup Trophy.

This coin was so popular with collectors that the entire special edition range sold out within less than 24 hours at The Royal Mint!

Producing hometown heroes, as underdogs play alongside Premier League giants, these unforgettable moments unite football fans, making the FA Cup one of the greatest knockout tournaments in the world.

Sporting events such as these create huge fan-bases all across the world, each looking for a way to commemorate their favourite team or athlete’s successes.

Therefore, there’s no surprises sporting memorabilia is some of the most sought-after around the globe!

2021 UK Team GB 50p

2021 Team GB 50p featuring 2020 date on reverse for the planned date of the Olympic Games.
Featuring different icons representing each Olympic sport
2021 Team GB 50p

This coin was initially issued as part of the 2020 Annual Coin Set but with the postponement of the Olympic Games to 2021, this 50p was never individually released in 2020.

This made this 50p one of most sought-after coins in recent yearswith collectors having waited a whole year to get their hands on the individual issue.

Additionally, due to the postponement of both the games and the issue of this 50p, there are two versions of the coin – one with the obverse dated 2020 from the 2020 Annual Coin Set and one with the obverse dated 2021 from the year of individual release.

This makes the 2021 Team GB 50p one of only a small handful of UK 50ps to feature a dual-date – only adding to the collectability of the new coin!

2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins

2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins:
England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. 
Photo of four coins in palm of the hand.
2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins

These four coins were issued in 2002 – again issued to celebrate the Commonwealth Games – this time held in Manchester.

Each has a different cameo, representing each of the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom.They are some of the scarcest £2 coins now in circulation, with the Northern Ireland design having a mintage of JUST 485,500!

The other coin designs have the following mintage figures:

  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Wales £2: 588,500
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games England £2650,500
  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Scotland £2: 771,750

Find out more about these coins here >>

Sporting themed coins are some of the most sought-after issues a collector can get their hands on.

With the issue of the brand new 2022 UK Commonwealth Games 50p being the UK’s very latest sporting coin, demand is sure to be high.

Will you be securing this coin for your collection?

The 2022 UK Commonwealth Games 50p

2022 UK Commonwealth Games 50p

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