The Diamond Jubilee coin that never was

It has been revealed that a special six-sided coin was very nearly released to commemorate one of the most significant celebrations in British history – the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The coin was on the verge of being created and almost sent off for Royal approval when the proposal was rejected by senior staff at the Royal Mint.

Along with the selection of different £5 coins that were issued by the Royal Mint to mark the momentous occasion in 2012, this six-sided coin with a denomination of 60p could have also been part of the collection.

Although the Royal Mint has refused to release an image of the proposed coin, it has been revealed it would have been a bi-colour coin and issued as a commemorative collectable rather than for general circulation.

Unfortunately the idea for the coin was abandoned as papers from the Royal Mint Advisory Committee has revealed the commemorative coin programme was already ‘sufficiently comprehensive’.

It has been assumed the Royal Mint believed the coin would be of great public interest to mark an event of huge national importance and in a letter to Mr Osbourne in 2011, suggested the occasion should be marked with more than one type of commemorative coin.

So what do you think? Would you have liked to see a 6 sided 60p coin issued in celebration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or were you happy with the coins released?

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