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It’s here! How you can own the 2014 First World War £2

Following the resounding success of Change Checker’s Great Commonwealth Games 50p Swap (see the feedback on Twitter here) during which we swapped well over 6,000 coins, we are pleased to introduce the First World War £2 Coin Swap – offering collectors the chance to own the very latest commemorative coin before it has even entered circulation!

2 kitchener front on cropped - It's here! How you can own the 2014 First World War £2

The new First World War £2 features Lord Kitchener’s famous pose

The 2014 First World War £2 is the most highly anticipated circulation coin in recent memory. With Lord Kitchener’s iconic call to arms adorning the reverse, it is set to be one of the most collectable coins for years to come.

We know that all too often the newest coins can be the trickiest to get hold of, but our philosophy is to offer keen collectors the unique chance to own them in the fairest way possible – by swapping with us on a like for like basis.

If you are new to Change Checker or new to our swapping process, here is how it works;

checkbox - It's here! How you can own the 2014 First World War £2Choose the £2 coin(s) you would like to swap. This can be any commemorative design from the last 15 years and you can swap up to a maximum of FIVE coins with us. Bear in mind we are only swapping commemorative designs not the definitive ‘Technology’ £2.

checkbox - It's here! How you can own the 2014 First World War £2Complete our quick online form. We will email you a copy of this to print out and send in with your coin(s).

checkbox - It's here! How you can own the 2014 First World War £2You’ll receive your
brand new and uncirculated First World War £2 coin(s) within 10 working days of posting yours.


posting coins - It's here! How you can own the 2014 First World War £2

We’ve got your First World War £2 ready to send!

It’s as easy as that!

Please also remember to obtain proof of postage from the Post Office – this will help us out with any customer service queries if they arise.

Ready? Click here to get started!


Royal Mint announce new coins for 2014…

The new UK coins for 2014 have been revealed, and are set to enter circulation this year. Here we take a closer look at the themes behind them, and why 2014 is another significant year for the coinage of the United Kingdom.

2014 wwi c2a32 single - Royal Mint announce new coins for 2014...

This new WWI £2 will enter circulation in 2014

£2 – The First World War

2014 will of course be the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, and the Royal Mint has committed to a five-year commemoration of the emotive wartime journey from outbreak to armistice. It starts with a £2 coin bearing sculptor John Bergdahl’s depiction of Lord Kitchener’s unmistakable call to arms. The image of the British Secretary of War and his finger pointing at the reader still evokes an enormous sense of British identity and pride, and the coin also features the immortal words YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.

2014 lighthouse c2a32 single - Royal Mint announce new coins for 2014...

Trinity House celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2014

£2 – Trinity House

Since being granted a Royal Charter in 1514 by Henry VIII, Trinity House has safeguarded the coastal waters of Britain for over 500 years. Maritime safety became crucial in the 16th Century as Britain began flexing its naval strength overseas. And today, with 95% of the UK’s imports still arriving by sea, the Trinity House pilot ships and lighthouses are still as important today as ever. The reverse design of this new £2 coin features a striking depiction of a lighthouse lens – an enduring symbol of the the safety which Trinity House still provides at sea.

2014 commonwealth games 50p single - Royal Mint announce new coins for 2014...

The 2014 Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow

50p – Commonwealth Games

In 1986 the Commonwealth Games were held in Edinburgh, and the £2 of that year became the first coin in British history to commemorate a sporting event. Now, as Scotland gears up for the Games again in 2014, a new 50p to mark the occasion has been announced. The 20th Commonwealth Games will see thousands of athletes competing in 17 sports across 11 days in Glasgow. In this new reverse design, two of the most iconic sports – athletics and cycling – have been combined with a section of the St Andrews cross.


2014 scottish c2a31 single - Royal Mint announce new coins for 2014...2014 irish c2a31 single - Royal Mint announce new coins for 2014...£1 – Floral Emblems

2013 saw the start of  a £1 coin series celebrating the floral emblems of the British Isles designed by Timothy Noad. Completing the series in 2014 is the flax plant and shamrock to represent Northern Ireland, whilst the thistle and bluebell are portrayed on the Scottish version.

You can now collect all five designs straight from your change with the FREE Change Checker 2014 Coin Collecting Pack.

open pack 2 - Royal Mint announce new coins for 2014...