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You can contact us via email:
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You may also contact us at The Westminster Collecton by phone:
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Safe Swap Rules


Swapping is a fun and effective way to complete your collection but please abide by the following simple Safe Swapping Rules.

  1. Only direct swapping with no additional payment is allowed.
  2. Only swap coins of a quality that you would be happy to receive.
  3. Any correspondence with a user should be polite and decent.
  4. Don't divulge unnecessary personal information.
  5. Swapping is at your risk - don't swap more than £5 value of coins at any one time.
  6. Check that the address you are sending your coins to matches the first line of the address provided by Change Checker.
  7. Safely and securely wrap your coin(s) and obtain proof of posting from the Post Office when sending off your coin(s).

Failure to abide by the Safe Swapping Rules can result in your access being barred from the Swap functionality of

Information on Swapping


When you first start using the Swap Centre, for security reasons you will find that your account is temporarily restricted to a certain number of Swap Requests which you can make or receive in one day. As you begin to use the Swap Centre more frequently you will find this restriction eased.

In order to limit outdated swap lists from affecting the swapping experience, coins marked available to swap will remain active on the web app for 6 weeks. After this time the coin will be removed from your swap list and will need to be added again if the coin was not successfully swapped during the 6 week period.

Changing Address


To change your address, please contact us directly with your username and new address details, and we will update your account accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The website and associated Apps ("Change Checker") are operated by The Westminster Collection, a trading division of 288 Group Ltd. (Registered Office: Russell House, Oxford Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8EX. Reg No. 02000413).
  2. The Swap functionality of Change Checker is designed to facilitate a direct relationship between two individuals with coins to swap. In order to do that you agree that when requesting a Swap with another user your username and email will be forwarded to that user via email. You may disable the Swap functionality at any time.
  3. The Westminster Collection provides no warranty as to the coins being swapped or as to the honesty or integrity of any of the users of Change Checker.
  4. When contacting other users via the Swap functionality, you agree to adhere to the "Safe Swapping Rules”, which will be displayed before you send a swap request.
  5. Use of the Swap functionality of Change Checker is strictly restricted to users over 18 years in age.
  6. Your membership of Change Checker may be terminated at any time.
  7. By registering on Change Checker, you agree to receive email updates from The Westminster Collection. You may change your preferences by clicking on your username.
  8. Terms & Conditions may be amended from time to time. Your ongoing use of the Swap Centre constitutes your acceptance of any changes.

Privacy & Cookie Policy


The website and associated Apps ("Change Checker") are operated by The Westminster Collection (a trading division of 288 Group Ltd.). 288 Group Ltd is registered under the Data Protection Act. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

We store your username, password and email address to enable us to operate your account. Your password is encrypted. We also store the details of the coins that you have included in your collection and swaps that you have requested.

If you use the Swap functionality of Change Checker, we will display your username to other users. If you choose to request a Swap with another user we will forward your username, email address and first line of your postal address (with some characters blocked out) to that user. You may disable this functionality at any time by clicking on your username when you are logged in.

If you have opted-in we may contact you from time to time with email updates. You can unsubscribe from news or offer emails at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the email, contacting us, or clicking here to edit your settings on Mailchimp.


We use cookies to facilitate your use of the site. We also use third party cookies to help us see how you are using the site so that we can ensure it gives you the best service. By using the site and registering you agree to the use of these cookies. If you would prefer, please disable the cookies via your browser.


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