Queen Elizabeth II 50p: Dimorphodon

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This is the final coin to be issued in 2021 Mary Anning Collection and it features a design of the Dimorphodon. The Dimorphodon was a primitive flying reptile that coexisted during the age of the dinosaurs and was first discovered by Mary Anning in Dorset. Whilst the Dimorphodon’s 1.7m wing-span is impressive, what makes this Jurassic Giant so unique, is that its name literally translates to ‘two-form tooth’. This is due to the Dimorphodon having several large pointed teeth in the front of its jaws and much smaller ones set in the back. The design of this brand new 50p shows both of these features in perfect detail, with the creature’s wings spanning across nearly the entire diameter of the coin and its sharp teeth in clear view. The obverse features the fifth portrait of HM QEII by Jody Clark.
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