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Have you ever glanced at the coins in your hand and noticed a striking design which stands out against the others?

Unique designs for 50p, £1 and £2 coins have been a part of British currency for over 30 years. Each one is issued to mark an anniversary or celebrate an occasion and there are millions of these commemorative coins in circulation – chances are you have some in your loose change right now!

With Change Checker you can 

Find and identify the coins in your pocket

Collect and track the coins you have

Swap your spare coins with other Change Checkers


How we help Change Checkers…

cc app - About Us The FREE Change Checker app, which allows you to Find, Collect and Swap the coins in your pocket.
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By creating a community of Change Checkers on social media platforms like FacebookTwitterInstagram and Snapchat.
change checker blog - About Us By providing you with all the latest news and information about UK coins via the Change Checker Blog
change checker album - About Us Offering an exclusive range of accessories to allow you to enjoy building your Change Checker Collection.