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Which coin series will you vote as your favourite?

With the release of the brand new Paddington 50p coin series in 2018, I’ve been thinking back over some of the UK’s top coin releases and of course nothing is quite as exciting as a whole series of brand new coins to add to your collection! But which series has been your favourite, Change Checkers…?


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50p coins!

The first series to really kick start coin collector’s of the nation was the Olympic 50p series, which has since become so popular that it’s now estimated that 75% of the coins have been removed from circulation by collectors!

Olympic 50ps

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So what made this coin series so special? The 2012 Olympics were of course a hugely exciting time for Britain and people were undoubtedly looking for a ‘free’ souvenir to mark this significant event.

Struck at the organisation’s headquarters in South Wales, the coins were designed by members of the public as part of a Royal Mint competition in which nearly 30,000 entries were submitted. They are the first ever UK coins to be designed by the public.

Each of the twenty-nine 50p coins features an Olympic or Paralympic sport on its reverse. These include sailing, cycling and basketball as well as less well-known sports such as handball and the Paralympic sport boccia.

The 50p coins are seen as a perfect souvenir to remember London 2012 due to their intrinsic value and quality which holds an interest and fascination for generations to come, but are they your favourite coins? Let us know by voting in our poll below!


2016 Beatrix Potter 50ps

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Following the collecting sensation of the Olympic 50ps, the Beatrix Potter 50p coin series quickly became the next big thing to get Change Checkers and coin collectors across the nation excited! There have been three series of these hugely popular 50ps, with each series including much-loved characters from the Beatrix Potter books.

The first series was released by The Royal Mint in 2016 to mark 150 years since the birth of the beloved children’s author and featured 5 coins including Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Jemima Puddle Duck and a coin depicting elements that celebrate the life of Beatrix Potter.

The response from collectors was staggering, with The Royal Mint’s website crashing under the sheer weight of the public’s interest in the first morning of the 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p going on sale.

He has since featured in each of the following series, the only character to appear in all three, which just goes to show what a popular little bunny he is!

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2017 Beatrix Potter 50ps

Beatrix Potter 2017 Coins 1 - Which coin series will you vote as your favourite?


In 2017, much to the delight of coin collectors across the nation, The Royal Mint released a brand new series of Beatrix Potter 50ps to carry on the celebrations of some of Beatrix Potter’s most loved animals.

This series included Peter Rabbit (of course), Jeremy Fisher, Tom Kitten and Benjamin Bunny.

The huge popularity of the previous year’s coins meant that collector’s couldn’t wait to get their hands on these coins and build their collection of Beatrix Potter 50ps.

We are now starting to see these coins entering circulation, with Tom Kitten and Jeremy Fisher turning up in people’s change, so make sure to keep your eye out for them and of course vote for them in our poll below if they are your favourite series of coins!


2018 Beatrix Potter 50ps

Picture2 - Which coin series will you vote as your favourite?


This year, we’ve seen another Beatrix Potter series released and collectors seem to be continuing to fall in love with the adorable characters on these coins.

Peter Rabbit returns for a third year running in the 2018 series, alongside his friends Flopsy Bunny, the Tailor of Gloucester and Mrs Tittlemouse.

These coins have not been released into circulation yet and mintage figures remain unknown for now, but all four coins are now available to buy in Brilliant Uncirculated quality and collectors remain eager to snap up these coins for their Beatrix Potter collections.

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of these coins into circulation and are they your favourite coin series? Let us know by voting in the poll at the bottom of this page!


Paddington™ 50ps

ST UK 2018 Paddington Bear Station BU 50p Coin Blog - Which coin series will you vote as your favourite?


But that’s not the end of the story for 50p coin series, because in 2018 The Royal Mint also issued a brand new series celebrating the 60th anniversary of Britain’s most loved bear, Paddington™!

Coin collectors were whipped into a frenzy with the excitement of owning these new 50p coins and it has even been suggested that this could be the most sought-after 50p coin series ever!

Two coins have now been released and are available to purchase in Brilliant Uncirculated quality, the first featuring Paddington wearing his iconic mack, sat on his suitcase at the station and the second showing the delightful bear waving a Union Jack flag outside Buckingham Palace.

This is the first time Paddington has featured on UK coinage and the world of coin collecting has been abuzz with the news of the release ever since The Royal Mint announced the coins would be issued earlier this year.

Have you secured your 2018 Paddington 50p coins and do you think they deserve to be voted as the favourite coin series amongst Change Checkers? Have your say by voting in the poll below!

£2 coins!

Following a review of the United Kingdom’s coinage in 1996, the decision was made that a general-circulation £2 coin was needed and so the bi-metallic coin we know today was introduced. Whilst these coins are now in circulation and not reserved just for collectors, they have still become increasingly collectable, with a number of £2 coin series being released over the years.


Commonwealth Games £2s

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The 2002 Commonwealth Games £2 coins are known as some of the scarcest £2 coins now in circulation, with even the largest mintage (Scotland) set at just 771,750!

But the coin you really need to be looking out for is the Northern Ireland £2.  Just 485,000 coins were ever struck making it officially the UK’s rarest £2 coin.

At first glance, you might struggle to spot the difference between them.  They all feature the same running athlete trailing a banner behind, but each has a different cameo, representing each of the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom.

Are you lucky enough to have these coins in your collection and will you be voting them as your favourite UK coin series? Vote now in the poll below!


Shakespeare £2s

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In 2016, three different £2 coins were issued to honour Shakespeare’s tragedies, comedies and historical works and were released into circulation just in time for the 400th anniversary of his death on the 23nd April 2016.

The coins were certainly amongst the favourites of collectors that year with the Skull design in particular receiving a lot of attention, and not just from collectors.

Each coin pays tribute to one of Shakespeare’s major genres and the reverse designs take inspiration from his most famous plays, including Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth.

Which Shakespeare £2 is your favourite and will you vote for this series in our poll below?


World War One £2s

WWI Coins 1 - Which coin series will you vote as your favourite?


To mark the centenary of the First World War, the Royal Mint revealed a five-year commemoration of the wartime journey from outbreak to armistice.

The first coin in the series bears sculptor John Bergdahl’s depiction of Lord Kitchener’s famous call to arms alongside the words YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU. The British Secretary of War became synonymous with the enlistment campaign when war was declared on 4th August 1914.

Following coins in the series have featured renowned military artist David Rowlands design for the reverse of the Navy coin, Tim Sharp’s Army design honouring the ‘Pals Battalions’, the Aviation design by ‘Tangerine’ and Stephen Raw’s interpretation of Armistice which features the words ‘The truth untold, the pity of war’, from the Wilfred Owen poem Strange Meeting.

As this year marks the centenary of the end of World War One, the series is particularly poignant, but will you vote for it as your favourite? Have your say in our poll at the bottom of this page!


RAF £2s

RAF Coins 1 - Which coin series will you vote as your favourite?


In this special centenary year, the Royal Air Force has been commemorated with a series of five brand new £2 coins!

The Royal Air Force was formed on April 1st 1918, in the early years of aviation. It was the world’s first independent air force, and is recognised today all over the world for its capability, courage and innovation, which has been represented on these striking coin designs, depicting some of the most iconic RAF aircraft ever flown. 

These coins haven’t been released into circulation yet, but are already proving to be hugely popular with collectors and RAF supporters alike.

The first coin in the series features the synonymous RAF Badge, whilst the other four coin designs represent aircraft including the Spitfire, Vulcan, Sea King and F35 Lightning.

If you’re eagerly awaiting these coins to be released into circulation and think they should be voted the favourite coin series, cast your vote in our poll below!


A-Z 10p coins!

26 new UK commemorative 10p coins were released into circulation this year and collectors across the country have joined the nationwide coin hunt to get their hands on these hugely sought-after little coins.

coins - Which coin series will you vote as your favourite?

The coins each feature a different letter from A-Z and each letter celebrates a different Great British icon, from Angel of the North to Zebra Crossing and everything in between (my personal favourite is ‘G’ for Greenwich Meantime).

We know that 2.6 million have been released so far overall, but exact mintages for each design are not yet available and so collectors are desperately trying to build up their collection of all 26 coins.

Whilst reports have come in from people starting to find these coins, they are certainly proving tricky to get hold of and it seems that they are quickly being snapped up by eagle eyed collectors!

Have you found any in your change and which design is your favourite? Vote for the A-Z 10ps as your favourite in our poll below!


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It’s always worth taking time to appreciate the fantastic designs we see on UK coinage and I must say that each of these series is truly unique and impressive in its own way.

So now you’ve been brought up to speed with the top UK coin series, which will you be voting as your favourite?

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Which UK coins are missing from your collection?

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Jeremy Fisher 50p Coin Swap now open!

DN 2018 Beatrix Potter Jeremy Fisher 50p swap landing page 1024x150 - Jeremy Fisher 50p Coin Swap now open!


At Change Checker HQ we are bursting with excitement, as we can now announce that our Jeremy Fisher 50p Coin Swap is officially open!

Following the buzz of the Beatrix Potter coins, we’ve made collecting the series a little easier by offering you the chance to add this fantastic Beatrix Potter coin to your collection with a fair and simple 50p for 50p swap!

The 2017 Jeremy Fisher 50p is the latest coin in the Beatrix Potter series to be released into circulation and, as you know, all too often the newest coins can often be the trickiest to get hold of…

But don’t despair, because we have managed to get our hands on 10,000 Jeremy Fisher 50p’s and we’re going to swap them ALL with Change Checkers.

As one of the most highly anticipated coin releases we’ve had, this swap is set to be one of busiest ever! So if you want to secure this coin, you’ll have to act fast!


DN 2018 Beatrix Potter Jeremy Fisher 50p swap facebook banner 300x157 - Jeremy Fisher 50p Coin Swap now open!


Here’s how the swapping process works:

1) Choose THREE commemorative 50p coins that you would like to swap – these must be of a reasonable quality that you’d be happy to have in your collection
2) Complete our quick online form – we will email you a copy of this form to print out and send with your coins
3) Send us your completed form and 50p coin(s) (max. 3) in the post (remember to get proof of posting)
4) You’ll receive your 2017 Jeremy Fisher 50p(s) within 10 working days of posting your coins to us

It’s as easy as that!

Remember, only commemorative 50p coins can be swapped – the shield 50p and Britannia 50p cannot be accepted. Please also remember to obtain proof of postage from the Post Office – this will help us with any customer service queries should they arise.

Ready to swap?

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If you’re interested in coin collecting, our Change Checker web app is completely free to use and allows users to:

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UPDATED! Change Checkers vote for their favourite Paddington™ 50p coin!

The second coin in the 50p series that has gripped coin collectors across the nation has been released today and we’re incredibly excited to see this beautiful coin at Change Checker HQ. The coin completes the 2018 Paddington™ 50p collection that has been issued by The Royal Mint to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic bear.


DN 2018 Paddington at the palace 50p coin facebook banners 1024x536 - UPDATED! Change Checkers vote for their favourite Paddington™ 50p coin!


We were delighted by the release of the first coin in June, as I’m sure many of you were too! And now the final coin in the series has been released and we can’t wait to see what you think about the design.

Both coins are incredibly detailed and were designed by David Knapton, based on the modern adaptation from the CGI-live action movie. The first coin shows the much-loved British bear sat on his suitcase at Paddington Station, while the second coin features the bear waving the Union Jack flag outside Buckingham Palace.

ST UK 2018 Paddington Bear Station BU 50p Coin Blog - UPDATED! Change Checkers vote for their favourite Paddington™ 50p coin!

So now that both coins have been released, we’re delighted to hear your thoughts are on the design and find out which Paddington 50p is the favourite amongst Change Checkers…

Change Checkers have now voted and the favourite design by almost 100 votes is the Paddington at the Station coin!

But do you prefer the iconic image of the bear at the Station, or does the Great British landmark of Buckingham Palace appeal to you more? Let us know in the comments section.


Take home the Paddington at the Palace 50p today!

DN 2018 Paddington at the palace 50p coin email banners - UPDATED! Change Checkers vote for their favourite Paddington™ 50p coin!

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