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Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you what your coins are worth as this depends on so many variables. However, if you have a read of our blog “Could I be minted? – The 6 point guide to valuing your coins”, you should be able to determine a realistic value for your coins.

The misaligned dots around the Queen’s head on £2 coins is common and is just a variation caused during the mass production of the coins. This variation is very common on the Charles Dickens £2 coin, which you can find out more about in our blog “How much is my Charles Dickens £2 worth?

There is not actually a right and wrong way up for the edge inscription on a coin. During the minting process the side of a coin is struck first, and then the obverse and reverse are struck together, which means the inscription could end up either way up. You can find out more about this in our blog “Mis-strikes and myths

If you have not received a coin in an agreed swap please email [email protected] and send us the username of the other member and the emails between you and them. We will then check if they have been reported before and ban them if necessary.

We only list UK decimal coins on the site, if your coin isn’t listed it is likely that it is a coin from another British Isle like Isle of Man or Jersey, or from an Overseas Territory like Gibraltar. Due to the lower populations of places like these, the coinage generally has significantly lower mintages, making the coins more sought after. Coinage like this is not actually legal tender in the rest of the UK, but they can easily slip into UK circulation. There is limited information for these coins on the web, but please get in touch and we will be able to assist with gathering further information for you.

The Change Checker site only includes UK decimal coinage. Coinage from other British Isles like the Isle of Man, and Overseas Territories like Gibraltar, is not actually legal tender in the UK, but their coins can easily slip into circulation.

If you have a coin with an interesting variation it’s important to check if it’s something that could have simply been caused by mass production (a miss-strike which is unlikely to have any added value), or if the variation could have been caused by human error, potentially making it very sought after by collectors and adding value. It’s important to get error coins verified by The Royal Mint – see the next question below. Find out about mis-strikes and myths in our blog here.

The Royal Mint offer a verification service where they will examine any coins you send in and send it back with a letter explaining their findings and confirming if a coin is an error coin or not. This service costs £20 and it can take a few weeks for your coin to be sent back to you depending on demand for the service. Here is the address:

Dr Kevin Clancy
Director of the Museum
The Royal Mint Museum
CF72 8YT

When you first start using the Swap Centre, for security reasons you will find that your account is temporarily restricted to a certain number of Swap Requests which you can make or receive. Once you reach a limit, your account is temporarily frozen for up to 10 days. As you begin to use the Swap Centre more frequently you will find this restriction will ease.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused but this is one of our safety precautions we put in place to prevent against fraudulent users.

Only coins which are confirmed to be in circulation are able to be swapped on the site, this is a precaution against potential fraudulent activity. As an exception to the rule, very rare coins like the Kew Gardens and EEC 50p coins cannot be listed to swap to also protect members.

In order to limit outdated swap lists from affecting the swapping experience, coins marked available to swap will remain active on the web app for 6 weeks. After this time the coin will be removed from your swap list and will need to be added again if the coin was not successfully swapped during the 6 week period.

If you have a new address please email us your username and updated address and we will change it for you.

To change your email address please log on to your account and enter your new address in the ‘My Profile’ section.

If you would like your account to be deleted please email us your username and we will be able to delete your account for you. Please be aware that if you choose to do this you will no longer have access to your listed collections on the site. This action is irreversible.

If there is a problem with any of your orders from us please contact our dedicated Customer Service team:

By Email
You can email Customer Service here: [email protected]

By Phone on 0333 00 32 777

You can place an order or make a payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To speak to one of our specialist Customer Service Advisors, please call during our normal Customer Service hours, which are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Call cost 5.105ppm from BT Weekend Unlimited Plan.  Mobile and other providers’ charges may vary.  Calls may be recorded.

By Post
The Westminster Collection, PO Box 4848, Poole, BH12 9GB.

If you would like to return an order back to us please send it to our FREE POST address and include information of your account number and reason for the return. Once it is received we can then process a refund or replacement for you.

Returns, FREEPOST RSCL-CTHJ-RGHZ, PO Box 75, Poole, BH12 9GG

To unsubscribe from our emails please use the ‘Unsubscribe from this list’ link at the bottom of any email received from us. To be removed from our post mailing lists please email us your name and full home address.

When a swap has been found for you, you will receive an email from Change Checker with information regarding the possible swap, including the username of the other user and the coins they would like to swap with you. All Change Checker emails will include our logo and be sent from [email protected].  If an email looks suspicious, doesn’t follow this format or you don’t recognise the sender, don’t risk your personal information by opening or responding to the message.

You can also check out our handy YouTube videos for top coin collecting tips.


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