King Charles III First Effigy Coins FAQ

2022 King Charles 50p obverse reverse

When will the first coins featuring King Charles III’s effigy be released?

At 9am on the 3rd October a range of UK 50p and £5 coins will be released with an obverse design featuring King Charles III’s effigy for the very first time. These coins have been issued to commemorate the incredible life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Who designed His Majesty King Charles III’s effigy?

The new portrait has been designed by renowned British Sculptor Martin Jennings.

When will the new effigy coins enter circulation?

The new 50p will enter circulation in the coming months. All UK coins bearing the effigy of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will remain legal tender and can still circulate alongside the new effigy coins.

Why isn’t the King wearing a crown on the new effigy?

Interestingly, effigies of British kings have not been shown on coins wearing a crown for hundreds of years.

Why does the King’s portrait face the opposite way to the Queen?

This is a tradition which dates back to the Referendum. Each new monarch’s portrait will face in the opposite direction on coins – a tradition only ever broken by Edward VIII.

Will any other coins released this year feature the King’s portrait?

The Royal Mint have confirmed that only the coins commemorating Her Late Majesty’s life and reign will feature the King’s portrait this year.

Why isn’t Charles named CAROLVS on the coin?

British monarchs have traditionally denoted on the inscription using the Latin version of their name. However, the new coins say Charles III rather than Carolus, to give an accessible view of the King.