2nd December

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The coin behind window two is the 50 Riels from Cambodia.

The riel is the currency of Cambodia and was issued for the second time in 1980 after five years of the country not having a currency.

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Cambodian 50 Riels

People often believe that the ‘riel’ is named after the Mekong river fish the ‘riel’, but it is more likely to be named after the Mexican Real currency used throughout Asia in the mid-19th century.

Due to its low value and the rise in inflation the 50 Riels virtually disappeared from circulation, making this a significantly sought after coin.

The obverse of the Cambodian 50 Riels features the famous Buddhist temple Wat Phnom, located in Phnom Penh, which is the tallest religious structure in the city and is right in the centre.

The reverse features an ornate design of a wreath around the denomination, and the year in both Gregorian (1994), and in the Buddhist calendar (2537).

The official language of Cambodia is Khmer.

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