4th December 2017

Advent Calendar Banner Desktop 1 - 4th December 2017The coin behind door four is the Kuwaiti 5 Fils.

The currency of Kuwait is the Kuwaiti Dinar, which is split up into 1000 Fils.

Kuwait Coin 300x208 - 4th December 2017

Kuwaiti 5 Fils

The Dinar was introduced in 1960, but when Iraq invaded the country in 1990  large quantities of banknotes were stolen and the Iraqi Dinar was introduced. After Kuwait’s Liberation in 1991 the Kuwaiti Dinar was reintroduced and restored to allow the stolen notes to be demonetised.

It is now the highest valued currency in the world.

The obverse of the 5 Fils features the denomination. The reverse features an image of a Dhow, a wooden traditional sailing vessel. Dhows typically have long thin hulls and have one or more masts with lateen sails (triangular). They are trading vessels mostly used for carrying heavy produce, like fruit and fresh water, along the coasts of Eastern Arabia.

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