5th December

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The coin behind door five is the Papua New Guinean 2 Toea.

The currency in Papua New Guinea is the Kina, which is made up of 100 toea.

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Papua New Guinean 2 Toea

The obverse of the 2 Toea coin features the Bird of paradise, which are mostly found in Papua New Guinea, Eastern Indonesia, and Eastern Australia. These types of birds are best known for their elaborate feathers extending from the beak, wings, tail, or head.

The reverse features the Red Lionfish, also known as the Butterfly cod. This fish is found in coral reefs around Papua New Guinea, and can impressively change its body colour to camouflage itself. It typically lies motionless on the sea bed waiting for smaller fish to approach.

The 2 Toea coin was discontinued in 2006, making this coin a rare piece of Papua New Guinea’s numismatic history.

The official languages of Papua New Guinea are English, Tok Pisin, and Hiri Motu.

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