8th December

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The coin behind window eight is the Australian 1 Cent.

The Australian dollar was introduced in 1966 in the decimalisation of Australian currency. The one cent was used as the lowest denomination until it was withdrawn from circulation in 1992 due to inflation, making this coin now difficult to find.

Australian Coin 300x208 - 8th December

Australian 1 Cent

The reverse was designed by Stuart Devlin who designed all of the decimal coins first issued in 1966. This one cent features an image of the feather-tail glider, also known as the pygmy glider, a gliding possum native to Australia, particularly in states bordering the Pacific Ocean. It gets its name from its long featherlike tail, and is the world’s smallest gliding mammal.

The obverse features the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin, with the inscription ‘ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA’ around the edge with the year.

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