A Jane Austen £10 note has just sold for 720 times its face value!

Held today at Spink and Son Ltd in London, the Jane Austen Polymer £10 note charity auction raised a fantastic £260,900! 

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to three charities: Candelighters, Haven House Children’s Hospice and Macmillan Cancer support.

Which notes sold for the most money?

The lowest serial numbered note, AA01 000010 sold for a huge £7,200, over double the guide price!

The lowest serial numbered note sold for £7,200

In comparison, the lowest polymer £5 note AA01 000017 sold for £4,150 at last year’s auction.

Other notes that fetched a handsome sum were AA01 000011 and AA01 000014, selling for £5,200 and £3,500 respectively.

The lot that sold for the most was a sheet of 54 consecutively numbered £10 notes, fetching an incredible £13,500.

A sheet of 54 consecutively numbered notes sold for £13,500

Finally, consecutive notes AA01 000999/001000 sold for £4,800.

Such was the popularity of this auction, every one of the 122 lots sold for more that the guide price, in many cases double.

Did any Change Checkers manage to win a note at the charity auction? If so, we’d love to hear.