A Legendary New Coin – The Maid Marian £5

They say behind every great man is a great woman…and that’s true for the Myths and Legends series, as the Robin Hood £5 is followed by the 2024 Maid Marian £5!

2024 UK Maid Marian £5
2024 UK Maid Marian £5

A striking design

The reverse design, by Jody Clark, shows the heroine framed amongst the foliage of Sherwood Forest, with native English foliage including oak leaves and ferns encroaching from the edge of the coin. Marian was known to be a skilful archer, and so she’s pictured with her bow and arrow upon her back.

When talking about his design on the Maid Marian £5, Jody Clark said ‘I wanted to show the connections between each legendary outlaw’s persona and the forest, which serves as both a sanctuary and a strategic ally’.

2024 UK Maid Marian £5 Reverse and Obverse
2024 UK Maid Marian £5 Reverse and Obverse

To highlight the dynamic design, your 2024 UK Maid Marian £5 has been struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality – the standard favoured among collectors.

Who is Maid Marian?

Maid Marian didn’t actually feature in any early, medieval versions of the Robin Hood legend, but began to appear in plays and stories in the 1600s. However, despite being a late-comer to the story, Marian has become a very important part of the Robin Hood legend.

Illustration of Maid Marian from Wood 401(21)
Illustration of Maid Marian from Wood 401(21)
Credit: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Known as Robin Hood’s one true love, English folklore depicts Maid Marian as courageous and independent as well as beautiful and loyal. It’s thought that her name was derived from her refusal to marry until Robin Hood and his merry men had received a King’s pardon, as before the 17th century, unmarried women were called maids.

Maid Marian has been portrayed in countless plays, movies, TV shows and other media, usually in human form, but some of you may remember Marian best as Hood’s foxy love interest in the 1973 Disney film ‘Robin Hood’.

Previously in the Myths and Legends series…

The 2024 Maid Marian £5 coin follows on from the Robin Hood £5, however the first three coins in the series focused on Arthurian Legends. The series kicked off with King Arthur, followed by mythical wizard Merlin and the Arthurian Legends collection concluded with shapeshifter and witch, Morgan Le Fay.

2024 Robin Hood £5
Arthurian Legends £5 coins 
King Arthur, Merlin and Morgan le Fay
Arthurian Legends £5 coins
King Arthur, Merlin and Morgan le Fay

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Myths and Legends: BRAND NEW 2024 Dated Robin Hood £5

Famed for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, the tale of Robin Hood is perhaps one of the best-known tales from English Folklore. So, it’s only fitting that this hero features on the latest coin in the UK’s Myths & Legends £5 series.

And what makes this new addition even more exciting, is that it’ll be the first 2024 coin in the Myths and Legends series!

2024 UK Robin Hood £5
2024 UK Robin Hood £5

Following on from the previous coins in The Royal Mint’s Myths and Legends £5 series, the 2024 UK Robin Hood £5 coin is the latest legendary figure to appear on a UK £5 coin.

A Legendary Design

The reverse design features Robin Hood himself, poised amongst the trees in Sherwood Forest, at-the-ready with a bow and arrow in hand. The design, by Jody Clark, captures the detail of every branch, leaf and every feather in each arrow.

2024 UK Robin Hood £5 in hand
2024 UK Robin Hood £5 in hand

You may recognise Jody Clark’s work from other UK coinage, such as the 2014 Britannia, and most importantly, the fifth and final coin portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

2022 Jody Clark Queen Elizabeth II Obverse
2022 Jody Clark Queen Elizabeth II Obverse

Who is Robin Hood?

Whispered from the woods since the 13th century, is the tale of Robin Hood – an outlaw who lived in Sherwood Forest, in Yorkshire, alongside his Merry Men. The ‘Merry Men’ helped Hood to steal from the rich and help give back to the poor.

Not to forget his faithful companion, Maid Marian, who most of us will know as Robin Hood’s partner, who helps aid Robin and Little John in giving back to the poor.

The tale of Robin Hood has been adapted for ballads, plays, books, and films alike – he even has a statue made after him, which you can go and visit in Nottingham. So, a new UK coin really does feel fitting!

Robin Hood statue in Nottingham
Credit: Nottingham311CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Previous Coins

The 2024 Robin Hood £5 coin follows on from the past three coins in the series, which focused on Arthurian Legends. However, with this exciting new release, comes an even more exciting new chapter – the tales of Robin Hood.

The last coin in the series was of shapeshifter and witch, Morgan Le Fay, and just before her, was the mythical wizard, Merlin. Each part of the Arthurian Legends part of the Myths and Legends series, following the initial first coin, King Arthur.

The Arthurian Legend trio as part of the Myths and Legends series.

What do you think of BRAND NEW UK 2024 Robin Hood £5? And, what Myths and Legends would you like to see appear next on a UK coin?

The 2024 Robin Hood £5 Coin

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