Relive a history of racing action with the Isle of Man TT coins!

This year, two brand new Isle of Man £2 coins were released for the special anniversary year of the Isle of Man TT, commemorating racing legend Mike Hailwood’s 60th year since his first TT race and 40th year since his triumphant return.

The coins have proved incredibly popular among collectors and motoring enthusiasts alike, which is a common theme from the previous TT coins, some of which have sold for £500 on eBay!

So all this has got us interested in the history of the TT coins and some of the most popular ones you could find in your change.


Where it all began

The Tourist Trophy first started in 1907 and has been celebrated with coin issues since 1981 when the first Isle of Man TT 50p was released.

This coin featured famous motorcyclist Joey Dunlop within the traditional sprigs framing the coin.

Only 5,000 coins of this design were struck and it can be found selling on eBay well above face value.

1981 Joey Dunlop Isle of Man TT 50p. Credit: eBay

Not just 50ps

Since then, there have been 50ps released to mark the event on most years, as well as a selection of crowns and a special commemorative £5 coin in 2017 to commemorate 110 years of the TT.

This coin featured the Roman God, Mercury, the Winged God of the Messengers. It can also be found for more than face value on eBay, with some sellers including the official Isle of Man TT packaging.

2017 £5 Isle of Man TT in official packaging. Credit: eBay


Isle of Man TT Crowns



The common theme among each coin design is of course the iconic motorcycle, synonymous with the TT event. A range of famous bikes have featured on the coins, including Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and this year the Ducati.

The 50p coins are framed by the traditional sprigs and some feature the official TT logo, whilst other simply have the words ‘TT’ inscribed upon them.

Which design is your favourite?

Isle of Man TT 50ps


Popular TT coins

Isle of Man 50p coins are not legal tender in the UK. They are only released into circulation on the Isle of Man, and often with a low mintage figure, meaning they very rarely turn up in UK change.

This, along with the fact that they are themed around a hugely popular event, means that the coins often prove to be very sought-after.

Mintage figures for these coins are not easily found, meaning it is very difficult to determine which is the ‘rarest’, however it seems that one of the most popular designs is the 1997 Philip McCallen Isle Of Man TT 50p, currently listed on eBay by one seller at £745!

Of course, the actual value of this coin very much depends on its condition and how much an individual seller is willing to pay.

1997 Isle of Man TT 50p listed for £745. Credit: eBay


It’s fair to say that the Isle of Man TT coins have been, and continue to be very collectable.

The unmistakable motorbike design causes these coins to stand out from any other coin and has created a link between the world of coin collecting and the world of motorbike racing, as avid collectors and racing fanatics alike enjoy finding these striking coins.

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To celebrate this special anniversary year, two new Isle of Man TT £2 coins have been released by The Royal Mint, depicting Mike Hailwood’s famous Ducati.

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