Less than 5 million Canadian $2 coins commemorating Queen Elizabeth II to enter circulation

Serving as Canada’s Head of State for 7 decades, Queen Elizabeth II has been commemorated on a new $2 coin.

Just shy of 5 million $2 coins entered circulation in December 2022, giving Canadian collectors a special way of remembering Her Majesty.

When you consider Canada’s population is over 38 million, you’ll appreciate just how sought-after this coin is.

I’ve successfully secured a limited allocation of these unique coins with my supplier in Canada.

However, you’ll need to act fast if you don’t want to miss this chance to add this coin to your collection.

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The obverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, created by Susanna Blunt and the reverse features the traditional $2 Polar Bear design by Brent Townsend.

But, what makes this $2 coin extra special is the outer ring

The outer ring features a striking black nickel finish and is reminiscent of a mourning band, in a touching tribute to Her Majesty.

Canadian Queen Elizabeth II $2 coin.
Showing Queen Elizabeth II portrait on the obverse and the traditional $2 Polar Bear design on the reverse.
The outer ring is coloured with an unusual black nickel finish.
New Queen Elizabeth II $2 with black nickel outer ring. Credit: Royal Canadian Mint

We won’t be able to find this coin in our UK change so if you’re wanting to secure this sought-after coin for collection, you’ll need to click here.

In December, 4.9 million UK Queen Elizabeth II Memorial 50ps also entered circulation in the UK.

9.6 million in total are allocated for circulation, meaning 1 in 70 of us will be able to find one!

To help increase your chances of finding one in your change, we created an interactive map of where the coins were being found. We’ve tracked it up and down the country thanks to your help!

Queen Elizabeth II memorial coins are now some of the most sought-after collectables out there.

With such limited stock available, demand for these Canadian $2 coins is sure to exceed supply.

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Last Coins of the Queen feature Special Privy Mark

2022 is likely a year no collector will forget.

We’ve celebrated a Platinum Jubilee, mourned the loss of our Queen and welcomed a new monarch to the throne.

And, as ever, these extraordinary moments are retold through our UK coins.

Today, to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s incredible life and reign, an official UK Memorial coin set has been released. The coins feature the eight definitive coins from 2022, alongside the new Memorial 50p and £5 with the King’s portrait.

2022 UK Queen Elizabeth II MEmorial Definitive Coin Set - with special privy mark.
Featuring the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, and 50p royal shield designs
the commemorative.
Privy Mark on Last Queen Coins
2022 UK Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Definitive Coin Set – with special privy mark.

Last UK Coins of Queen Elizabeth II

Importantly, the definitive coins in this set will be the last in the UK to feature Her Majesty’s portrait.

What’s more, each definitive obverse design also features a special privy mark to show the Queen’s year of birth and year of passing – a never-before-seen feature for these coins, which is bound to add to their collectability.

Privy Mark on Last Queen Coins
Privy Mark on Last Queen Coins

Since Her Majesty’s passing, we’ve seen incredible demand for QE II coins. Both historic and new issues. Recent releases are continuously selling out at The Royal Mint and older issues are becoming increasingly scarce as the nation rushes to secure keepsakes and lasting tributes for the Queen.

And this set features the very last coins of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, meaning rapid sell outs of the limited precious metal versions are absolutely on the cards…

The good news for collectors is that the Brilliant Uncirculated version of the set is unlimited.

However, The Royal Mint have announced that stock will only be available until the 31st December 2022, so the sales window is incredibly limited for those of you wanting to secure this set.

A recent photograph of Her Late Majesty the Queen. Pictured wearing a pink suit jacket and matching hat. She can be seen smiling.
A new commemorative UK coin set has been issued, including the last coins of Queen Elizabeth II, featuring a special privy mark.
Her Late Majesty the Queen. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Appearing on our coins throughout her outstanding reign as our longest serving monarch, I’m sure you’ll agree that this set really is a touching tribute to Her Majesty. It’s a piece of history to treasure for generations to come.

Let us know in the comments below if you like the privy mark on the last Queen Elizabeth II coins.

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But, due to the limited sales window, you’ll need to act fast to make sure you don’t miss out.

What will King Charles IIIs Royal Cypher look like?

The EIIR royal cypher (Elizabeth II Regina) has become a staple of our everyday lives. Consequently, the nation is asking, ‘what will King Charles III’s Royal Cypher look like?’

The EIIR royal cypher adorned our postboxes, passports, official uniform for over 70 years. It even appeared on coins – including Her Majesty’s 90th and 95th Birthday £5s.

Subsequently, as we welcome our new King, we will also see his royal cypher. During the proclamation ceremony at Buckingham Palace on the 10th September 2022, it’s believed that this cypher was worn on his Majesty’s tie pin.

King Charles addresses nation at the official Proclamation. Seen wearing a pin that could be his royal cypher.
King Charles III wearing his cypher after he was confirmed King (Pictures: PA)

However, the official new royal cypher has now been revealed. As expected, it shows his Majesty’s initials, ‘CR‘ which stand for Charles Rex – the latin word for King.

The letter ‘R’ was also used as the King signed his name on the proclamation, as part of the long-standing tradition which goes back as far as Henry I in the early 12th century.

King Charles III Royal Cypher. Credit: Buckingham Palace

Replacing the EIIR Royal Cypher

The King’s royal cypher will eventually take over the Queen’s EIIR Royal Cypher. Significantly on government buildings, uniforms, and official documents.

The Royal Mail has confirmed “all existing post boxes [or those prepared for installation] will… also retain the insignia of Queen Elizabeth II” (EIIR Royal Cypher).

Thereafter, stamps will be updated once Royal Mail have completed the process of creating new designs with the portrait of the King.

As for coins, circulating coinage featuring Her Majesty’s portrait continue to be legal tender. While new coins featuring the King’s portrait will be very exciting for collectors, expect them to circulate slowly.

Remember, it is tradition for the portrait of the new monarch to face in the opposite direction, so we can expect new coins featuring the King to show his portrait facing left.

Undoubtedly it will be a sought-after issue among collectors looking to preserve this historic moment for generations to come.

So, where do you think Charles III’s royal cypher should appear? What is your favourite use of the EIIR royal cypher? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’d like to find out more about what’s set to happen next to UK coins and banknotes, head over to our FAQ page here >>

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