BRAND NEW £2 coin celebrating the Pioneer of the Telephone!

Where would we be today without our phones? From the latest smartphone all the way to the very first harmonic telegraph, these devices shape the way we communicate and connect with one another.

It’s thanks to Alexander Graham Bell and his ingenious innovation that we’re able to enjoy this technology today. So, what better tribute could there be than to celebrate his life and legacy with a new UK £2?

2022 Alexander Graham Bell £2
2022 Alexander Graham Bell £2

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The 2022 UK Alexander Graham Bell £2 was originally issued in the 2022 Annual Coin Set, and earlier this year, it was voted as the favourite design from the set by Change Checkers!

Plus, the design hides a secret phrase… can you spot it?

2022 UK Alexander Graham Bell £2 – Pioneer of the Telephone highlighted within the design

Across the highly detailed buttons, you can see letters that spell out: ‘Pioneer of the Telephone’. What a fantastic way to show that Bell was, truly, the Pioneer of the Telephone!

This innovative feature will surely be a hit with collectors, as it follows the excitement of the secret messages within the Alan Turing 50p, released just last month!

Find out more on our Alan Turing blog >>

And, these aren’t the first scientific innovators to appear on UK coins. In fact, the first 50p in the UK’s Innovation in Science series celebrated Stephen Hawking – making him one of ONLY three people to be celebrated on a UK coin within a year of passing!

Stephen Hawking 50p held in palm
2019 UK Stephen Hawking 50p held in palm

The Stephen Hawking 50p was so popular that it sold out of ALL precious metal specifications on launch day — this, in turn, then drove a high demand for the BU issue.

With this latest UK science coin release, now’s the time to call your friends and share the news, as this new £2 really must not be missed!

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The UK’s First Pride 50p!

The 50th Anniversary of London Pride will be celebrated in July and to mark the event, a brand new UK 50p coin is being issued!

The best news is that The Royal Mint have confirmed 5 million Pride 50ps will be entering circulation! But don’t miss the chance to get ahead of the crowd and own yours now in superior Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

The 2022 UK Pride 50p Coin

The UK’s first Pride 50p has been issued in collaboration with Pride in London and features an original design by artist, writer and LGBTQ+ activist, Dominique Holmes.

The reverse of the coin features 5 rainbows, each accompanied with part of the inscription, “PRIDE PROTEST VISIBILITY UNITY EQUALITY”.

The obverse design features the latest portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark.

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Your Pride 50p coin has been struck to a superior Brilliant Uncirculated finish and will be protectively encapsulated in official Change Checker packaging, ready to preserve for generations to come.

This will be the first UK 50p coin issued representing Pride. Previous ‘UK first’ 50p coins have been incredibly popular, so we are anticipating the Pride 50p to be in high demand with collectors.

The UK’s First Beatrix Potter 50p Collection

This 50p coin collection was issued in 2016 to celebrate the much loved author, Beatrix Potter. The collection features four coins each representing a character from Potter’s iconic tales and one honouring Beatrix Potter herself.

The Colour Silver Proof Peter Rabbit 50p coin was so popular that it sold out in a matter of hours and caused The Royal Mint’s website to crash!

Beatrix Potter 50p collection
Beatrix Potter 50p collection

The UK’s First Snowman 50p

2018 The Snowman 50p coin
2018 The Snowman 50p coin

In 2018, The Royal Mint released the first ever commemorative UK Christmas 50p coin, issued to mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of Raymond Briggs’ much-loved festive tale, The Snowman™.

Designed by Natasha Ratcliffe, the coin depicts the boy and the snowman flying through the night sky above Brighton Pier. This coin didn’t enter circulation, but the Silver Proof version sold out within 24 hours of release.

50 Years of Pride

The first London Pride event took place in 1972 and was attended by approximately 2,000 people, the event has grown tremendously since, with over 1.5 million people attending the 2019 London Pride parade.

London Pride 2018
London Pride 2018, Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Pride events take place annually across the globe, however most have been cancelled for the past 2 years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Returning in 2022, there will be Pride events taking place across the UK this summer.

Are you looking forward to adding this coin to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Secure the 2022 UK Pride 50p for your collection!

The Royal Mint will make a contribution of £40,000 to London LGBT Community Pride C.I.C in connection with this campaign.

Your Pride 50p coin has been struck to a superior Brilliant Uncirculated finish and will be protectively encapsulated in official Change Checker packaging, ready to preserve for generations to come.

Queen’s Remarkable Reign Celebrated on Coins!

On the run up to the Platinum Jubilee weekend, The Royal Mint revealed a brand new coin series celebrating Her Majesty’s 70-year reign.

The Queen’s Reign 3-Coin Series

The Queen's Reign £5 Coin Series
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They are the first UK coins ever to include the Queen’s signature – uniting each coin in the collection.

And today, the third and FINAL coin in The Queen’s Reign series has been issued: The Commonwealth £5.

Pictured above, the design of the 2022 UK The Queen’s Reign: The Commonwealth £5 coin commemorates Her Majesty’s service and commitment to the Commonwealth Nations, featuring flags from countries within the Commonwealth.

It’s available now in Brilliant Uncirculated quality – just click here >>

The first coin, the Honours and Investitures £5, pays tribute to the honours and awards the Queen has bestowed on individuals for their service, with a design featuring a range of medals including the George Cross, Victoria Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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The design of the second coin, the Charity and Patronage £5, honours Her Majesty’s advocacy and support of charities, focusing on Maundy Money; a symbol of service.

The annual Royal Maundy service — where the monarch distributes Maundy money to retired pensioners on the Thursday before Easter — has been a staple in the Queen’s calendar since she ascended to the throne. Find out more on our blog >>

The second coin is available now in Brilliant Uncirculated quality here >>

The Queen on Coins!

The 1953 Coronation Crown
The 1953 Coronation Crown

Since the very first Coronation Crown in 1953, milestone moments in Her Majesty’s life have been celebrated on 20 coins, including the 1993 Coronation Crown, the 2012 Diamond Jubilee £5 and the Platinum Jubilee 50p – the UK’s first ever Royal 50p – to name a few of my favourites!

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

The Platinum Jubilee weekend (2nd to 5th June 2022) was a fantastic celebration for the Queen’s milestone reign, and a whole host of celebrations – including the coveted Platinum Party at the Palace – took place!

To commemorate, a range of Platinum Jubilee coins have also been issued – explore the Platinum Jubilee range here >>

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