When will I ever find a 2014 coin in my change?

Waiting for information about when you will find the new year’s commemorative coins in your change can be a frustrating time for Change Checkers.  But the Royal Mint has finally released some details about when you can expect to find the 2014 coins in your change.

Commonwealth Games Royal Mint 50p

The Royal Mint started striking the circulation Commonwealth Games 50p on 25 May.

We already reported that the Royal Mint started striking the 2014 Commonwealth Games 50p coin on the 25 May, to coincide with the Queen’s Baton Relay visiting the Mint.  As anticipated, the Mint has now confirmed that you should begin to see the circulation 50p in your change from around the start of the Games in mid-July.  It is expected that approximately 5 million coins will enter circulation over the rest of the year.

So what of the £2 coins?  Well it seems that the Royal Mint’s stocks are still quite high, with more 2013 London Underground coins still working they way through the banking system.  That means that the £2 Kitchener coin won’t be hitting our pockets until the Autumn, with the Trinity House coin following on behind.

2014 £2 Royal Mint Kitchener Coin

The £2 First World War Kitchener coin is not scheduled until the Autumn

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait quite so long for the Scottish and Northern Irish floral emblems £1 coins, which are slated for the end of the summer (we guess that probably means September).  Again it looks likely that will be around 5 million of each design struck.

As for the circulation version of the Queen Anne £5 coin, sadly the Royal Mint has not issued face-value circulation £5 coins through banks and post offices since the Restoration Anniversary coin in 2010.

So if you want a 2014 commemorative coin, you still have a few weeks to wait.  But if you’re simply looking for a new shiny 2014 coin of any denomination, check your 5 and 10 pence pieces.  That’s because high metal prices have seen the Royal Mint busy collecting in the old cupro-nickel coins to replace them with the less expensive nickel-plated steel versions.

Can’t wait for  the 2014 coins to enter circulation?

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