The latest collecting sensation

Glasgow 2014 has been universally acclaimed as a triumph for Scotland, and although the Games may be over, their legacy lives on with a new commemorative 50p.

History repeating?


The 2014 Commonwealth Games 50p

The feeling amongst collectors is that this 50p will become one of the most highly sought-after designs for years to come. Early indications are certainly backing this up, with the coin already becoming hot property in the collecting world just days after its introduction.

It reminds me of the last 50p craze back in 2012 when the new Olympic sports designs sparked a collecting revolution. People everywhere in the UK began checking their change and hoarding these special coins as soon as they caught sight of them.

Ever since then it has been much the same story with every new commemorative issue.

On your marks, get set…

The consequence of this collecting frenzy is that commemorative coins in our pocket are now regarded as pieces of treasure and are more frequently being taken out of circulation in their thousands rather than being treated merely as a means of payment.

Coin collectors need to be quick off the mark to get their hands on the latest design. The question used to be ‘when’ will I ever find one? Increasingly it is becoming ‘if’ I will ever find one.