Poll: What is your favourite £1 Coin Design? – Wales

As part of the Great One Pound Coin Race, we want to find out Britain’s ultimate favourite £1 coin.

Last week we asked you to vote for your favourite Northern Irish £1 coin design – nearly 40% of Change Checkers voted for the 2014 Flax and Shamrock £1.

This week we want to know your favourite Welsh £1 coin design.

Let us know by voting in our poll below:

More information about the Welsh £1 coin designs

Wales: Leek

The Leek £1 was issued in 1985 and 1990.


The first reverse design series of £1 coins took floral emblems as its theme to represent the United Kingdom and its four constituent countries. They were designed by Leslie Durbin – one of the most highly-regarded silversmiths of the 20th Century. The Leek is used on this coin to represent Wales.


Wales: Dragon Passant

The Dragon Passant £1 was issued in 1995 and 2000



The second series of £1 coin designs used heraldic emblems to represent the United Kingdom and its four constituent countries. This coin features a Dragon Passant to represent Wales. ‘Passant’ refers to the position of the dragon – with one foot raised. The edge of the coin is inscribed in Welsh; Pleidiol Wyf I’m Gwlad which translates; True am I to my country.


Wales: Menai Bridge

The Menai Bridge £1 was issued in 2005.

The third series of £1 coin designs depicts bridges from each of the four consituent countries in the United Kingdom. This coin features the Menai Suspension Bridge to represent Wales. The Menai Bridge connects the island of Anglesey with the mainland of Wales. It was designed by Thomas Telford in 1826 and was the first modern suspension bridge in the world.


Wales: Cardiff City

The Cardiff City £1 was issued in 2011.


The fourth series of £1 coins used the capital cities of the four constituent countries as the basis of the reverse design. Designed by Stuart Devlin, Goldsmith and Jeweller to the Queen, this coin depicts the circular Coat of Arms of Cardiff as the principal focus to represent Wales.

Wales: Daffodil and Leek

The Daffodil and Leek £1 was issued in 2013.



The fifth series of £1 coin designs uses pairs of floral emblems designed by Timoty Noad to represent the United Kingdom and its four constituent countries. This coin features a leek alongside a daffodil with their leaves intertwined to represent Wales.

Next week- Part 5: What’s your favourite English £1 coin design?

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