Code-Cracking Coins Go Global!

Today we’ve heard the news of an Australian 50 cent coin being released featuring a code-cracking design which has got Change Checkers across the globe talking…

That’s because FOUR unique layers of code have been included in the design, each containing special messages about the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) – with the coin issued in celebration of their 75th anniversary.

New Australian 50 cent celebrates 75th Anniversary of the ASD. Credit: Royal Australian Mint

The challenge for Australian collectors really is on to decipher the codes, including modern binary messages alongside coding which dates back thousands of years!

But, for collectors here in the UK, I’m sure this new Australian 50 cent has got you thinking about a recent 50p release with a design just waiting to be deciphered…

This UK 50p was issued to celebrate the life and achievements of famed war hero and cryptologist, Alan Turing.

Now, there’s no surprise this coin was popular with collectors. Not only is the 50p the UK’s most collected coin, but the release of last year’s Turing £50 banknote was the talk of the town! However, what really caught the attention of collectors was the design of the 50p…

You see, The Royal Mint have included not just one, but THREE hidden codes on the reverse of the Alan Turing 50p – can you spot them all?


Can you spot the words ‘GEARS GRIN THAN’ on the design of this coin?

When these words are entered into the ‘What 3 Words‘ navigation database, it shows a location for the University of Cambridge, where Turing studied mathematics!


The next hidden message is one of my favourite features of any UK coin.

Alan Turing’s famous quote ‘Only a foretaste of what is to come’ appears as an inscription.
This quote came from his reflections of his code-breaking machine, Bombe.


And of course, the designers behind this fantastic design get an honorary feature, with Christian Davies and Matt Dent’s initials featuring as an inscription.

I’m sure you’ll agree that these new coins are quite unlike anything we’ve seen before and the code-breaking elements are an incredibly fun addition to an already stunning design.

I’d love to hear what you think of these designs and whether you can crack the codes! Let me know in the comments below!

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