The Isle of Man TT returns! New £2 coin issued to celebrate

The Isle of Man TT races, an annual tradition since 1907, returns this year. Riders and spectators from around the world will travel to the island for what has been nicknamed ‘the most dangerous race in the world’.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for the Isle of Man to issue coins to commemorate the TT races each year. 2023 is no exception, as this year we’ll see a brand new Isle of Man £2, issued to mark 100 years since the sidecar entered the races.

But the most exciting news for collectors is that it’ll be the FIRST EVER King Charles III TT £2 coin!

The design

In 1923, the first Sidecar was introduced to the TT races. This meant both racer and passenger could take part in the ‘Ultimate Road Race’. The design shows an incredibly detailed depiction of the Sidecar riding through Parliament Square on the Isle of Man.

2023 Isle of Man TT £2 coin reverse
2023 Isle of Man TT £2 coin reverse

For the first time ever on an Isle of Man TT coin, the obverse features King Charles III’s effigy. Since the first King Charles III coin was issued last year, we’ve seen demand for new UK coins soar. With every Isle of Man TT coin since 1981 having featured Queen Elizabeth II, this change is sure to catch the eye of collectors wanting to add a highly collectable issue to their collection.

2023 Isle of Man TT £2 coin obverse
2023 Isle of Man TT £2 coin obverse featuring King Charles III

Entering circulation

Previous Isle of Man TT coins have always been popular with both collectors and motor enthusiasts. This is due to their small mintages compared to their UK counterparts and the fact that they sometimes crop up in UK coinage. Although Isle of Man coins aren’t legal tender in the UK, there is a chance you could spot one in your change.

And excitingly, a 15,000 2023 Isle of Man TT £2 coins will be released into circulation on the island. So it’s time to beat the crowds and add this coin to your collection now >>

Numismatic history of the TT races

The first Isle of Man TT coin was a 50p issued in 1981, and a new TT 50p has been released most years since. The TT 50ps, along with other denominations have proved incredibly popular amongst collectors and motoring enthusiasts alike, with some selling for hefty amounts on the secondary market.

Here are a few of our favourite Isle of Man TT coins.


After a 2 year break due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the TT races returned in 2022 and two new £2 coins were issued to celebrate.

One of the coins featured the iconic TT Grandstand which marks the start and end of the race. The other represented the TT race marshals, most of whom are usually volunteers or motorsports enthusiasts.

A Crown coin was also issued in celebration of the event. It featured the official TT logo in front of the race route map and a chequered flag background.


In 2019, the Isle of Man released two £2 coins marking 112 years since the first TT race in 1907.

The reverse designs features legendary rider, Steve Hislop, racing the Tourist Trophy track.

Steve ‘Hizzy’ Hislop is an 11 time winner of the notorious Tourist Trophy races. His extraordinary racing career has cemented him as a hero of the TT mountain circuit.

2019 Steve Hislop Isle of Man TT £2 Coins
2019 Steve Hislop Isle of Man TT £2 Coins


2018 Mike Hailwood Isle of Man TT £2 Coins
2018 Mike Hailwood Isle of Man TT £2 Coins

These coins were issued in 2018 to celebrate racing legend Mike Hailwood. 2018 marked 60 years since his first TT race and 40 years since his triumphant return.

Just 3,000 of each coin entered circulation on the Isle of Man and we saw unprecedented demand from collectors looking to add the coins to their British Isles collection.


Another famous race that takes place annually on the island, is the Rally Isle of Man.

The Rally Isle of Man – previously known as The Manx Trophy Rally – was first held in 1963 and became a well known event in the British Open Rally Championship.

In 1998, the Isle of Man released the Isle of Man Car Circulation £2 coin featuring three old-style race cars on the track.


1981 Joey Dunlop Isle of Man TT 50p
1981 Joey Dunlop Isle of Man TT 50P. Credit: eBay

The first Isle of Man TT 50p issued in 1981 features famous motorcyclist Joey Dunlop. 

Only 5,000 coins of this design were struck. Were you lucky enough to find this in your change on the Isle of Man? Let us know in the comments below!

Do you have any Isle of Man TT races coins in your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Secure the 2023 Isle of Man TT Races £2 Coin for your collection!

2023 Isle of Man TT £2 banner

Your 2023 Isle of Man TT £2 Coin has been struck to a Superior Brilliant Uncirculated condition and is carefully encapsulated in official Change Checker packaging.

We only have a small initial allocation, so now’s the time to join the race to secure your 2023 Isle of Man TT £2, whilst stocks last!


  1. Paul Dunn on May 26, 2023 at 9:43 pm

    Wow I am amazed that all the coins exist I’ll serenity be looking at them in the future for my collection, 2023 wold be a good start.

  2. Mike on May 26, 2023 at 2:36 pm

    Found two 50p one’s in Poole dorset

  3. Peter Warner on May 26, 2023 at 4:50 am

    This coin is superb . Its about time sidecar racing was honoured in this way

  4. Ron Cashin on May 25, 2023 at 9:08 am

    What a great new coin, which would look amazing in any coin collection.
    I am fortunate enough to own the previous £2 and 50 coins in this series, therefore from a selfish point of view, I would be over the moon to add this one to my list.