2018’s most popular RAF £2 revealed!

The votes are in and you have chosen your favourite 2018 RAF £2 coin!

Following the reveal of the five brand new £2 coins issued by The Royal Mint this year to commemorate the Centenary of the Royal Air Force, we asked Change Checkers to vote for their favourite design on our previous blog introducing the new coins

Each stunning design features an iconic RAF aircraft, from the modern F35 Lightning to the famous Spitfire, with the first coin in the series depicting the badge of the RAF to celebrate the Royal Air Force as a whole.

Our poll has now closed, and I do have to say that the results were very close! But we can now reveal that the most popular RAF £2 coin design has been chosen and first place goes to the magnificent Sea King, receiving just over 28% of your votes.



1. Sea King

This is the fourth coin in the RAF series and although it’s available to pre-order now, it will be officially released in August for those of you looking to add the Sea King £2 to your collection.

Known as the ‘angel on our shoulders’, the Sea King helicopter acted exclusively in a search and rescue role from 1978, with the final mission taking place on the 4th of October 2015.

In 2012, Prince William himself flew a Sea King during a training exercise which ended in a rescue mission when two girls were swept out to sea in a riptide.



2. Spitfire

Coming in a very close second is one of the most famous planes ever built, the Supermarine Spitfire.

This is the second coin in the series and is available now to add to your collection. The coin beautifully depicts the iconic image of the Spitfire, designed by Reginald Mitchell.

First flying in 1936, this short range interceptor aircraft was known as the backbone of the RAF Fighter Command and was much loved amongst its pilots.



3. Vulcan

In third place is the legendary Vulcan bomber, the third coin in the RAF series, which is also available now to add to your collection.

This coin captures the instantly recognisable delta wing of the awesome Vulcan in flight, an exhilarating sight to behold.

Unmatched by any other bomber from the jet-age, this aircraft truly was the epitome of power during its service from 1956 until 1984.



4. Badge

Voted in fourth place is the RAF badge coin, the first coin in the series which has been available to order since the start of the year.

Royal Mint designer, Rhys Morgan created this coin based upon the badge which was originally used at the first Air Council meeting in 1918 and then registered in the 1920s with the Royal College of Arms.

Capturing the spirit of the RAF as a whole, this design symbolises the RAF’s resilience over the past century.



5. Lightning F35

Last, but by no means least, is the Lightning or F35 fighter jet, the fifth coin in the series. This coin can be pre-ordered now and will be officially released in September.

The F35 is the RAF’s newest aircraft which operates alongside the Typhoon, creating a potent mix of stealth and power.

Reviving Britain’s sea-bourne operations, these supersonic planes are set to be in service by December this year.



Overall, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who voted in our poll and helped us determine the most popular RAF £2 coin.

I think the design of the Sea King £2 perfectly captures the dedication of the RAF and this superb machine to ensure the safety of the people of the UK, and perhaps this is the reason why it has been voted as your favourite.



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