Bond, James Bond – British spy to feature on new UK coin series

As of the Royal Proclamation issued on 14th February, a very exciting United Kingdom £5 coin series has been confirmed for release in 2020.

Many will know him by him M16 codename ‘007’ but the name James Bond is famous worldwide.

007 on coins

The Royal Proclamation confirms there will be three coins in the series.

The reverse of the first coin in the series will show the Bond car from Goldfinger set against the 007 logo with the inscription ‘Bond, James Bond‘.

The second coin in the series will show the Bond car from The Spy Who Loved Me set against part of the 007 logo and the inscription ‘Pay attention 007′.

Finally, the last coin in the series will feature a depiction of James Bond’s torso in a dinner jacket and bow tie set against a part of the 007 logo with the inscription ‘Shaken not stirred’.

Not the first UK Bond coin…

This isn’t the first-time Bond has featured on a UK coin. The world-famous spy made his debut appearance on the A-Z of Great Britain 10ps taking the ‘B’ for ‘Bond’ spot.

The ‘Bond’ 10p is widely considered the most popular of the A-Z 10p coins and currently takes the top spot on the Change Checker A-Z 10p Scarcity Index so we’re certain this new release is going to be a hit with collectors!

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  1. Clive on March 1, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    I have to agree that at one point you used to only get maybe one or two £5 coins a year, now lot more and even I’m contemplating stopping collecting

  2. kenneth pidgley on February 15, 2020 at 7:32 am

    more tokens not going into circulation,getting beyond a joke royal mint.

    • Clive on February 17, 2020 at 11:59 pm

      To be fair £5 coins are not usually part of circulating currency. As long as people keep buying these (non) coins the Royal Mint will continue to produce an increasing number of them. The Royal Mint may be in danger of killing off the change checking craze they started with the release of the Olympic 50p coins – the whole point of collecting them was that you could discover them in your change, not pay many times face value to obtain them. I have been collecting UK decimal coinage for the greater part of my life but it is becoming a very expensive hobby nowadays.