Mythical Merlin celebrated on NEW UK coin!

Powerful and eccentric Arthurian wizard, Merlin, features on a brand new UK £5 coin!

As the second £5 coin in the new Myths and Legends series, the 2023 UK Merlin £5 coin bears a design fitting of the mythical wizard…

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The design

On the reverse of the coin, you’ll see Merlin is poised with a magical staff, ready to wield his power. But, you can also spot Archimedes the owl sitting serenely on the wizard’s shoulder – a character from author T. H. White’s The Sword in the Stone!

Plus, designer David Lawrence has given collectors a peek at mythical island Avalon in the background, while Martin Jennings’ portrait of King Charles III features on the obverse of the coin.

The mythology of Merlin

The origins of Merlin can be traced back to the 12th Century, when British author Geoffrey of Monmouth established the magical mage within his works. Medieval texts saw Merlin not only prophesise and shapeshift, but also create the famous Wiltshire monument, Stonehenge!

Through countless generations, the tales of Merlin have largely revolved around King Arthur. The wizard is said to have contrived Arthur’s birth before guiding the future king to reign over England!

2023 UK King Arthur £5

King Arthur £5 coin.
2023 UK King Arthur CERTIFIED BU £5

Plus, King Arthur features in the Myths and Legends UK £5 series too, carrying a sword of Merlin’s creation – Excalibur!

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2023 UK Merlin CERTIFIED BU £5

The mythical Merlin has been celebrated by joining the Myths and Legends coin series – and we’re excited to see which legend will feature next! Comment below your guesses…

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Hogwarts School Coin Completes UK’s FIRST Dual-Portrait 50p Series!

Brewing excitement amongst collectors and Harry Potter fans alike, last year The Royal Mint announced the UK’s FIRST EVER Harry Potter 50p series!

Since then, the series has included three magical designs, dual monarch portraits, AND dual dates!

Today the fourth and final coin in the series, celebrating 25 years since the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was issued. And, you can get your hands on one here for JUST £4.99 (+p&p) >>

The much-awaited release features the iconic castle where Harry Potter hones his skills: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Unlike the first two 50p coins in the series, this coin has been struck bearing King Charles III’s effigy on the obverse! And, it’s this collectable dual portrait aspect of the series that has got 50p collectors talking…

So, with the huge popularity of the first three coins, it’s easy to see why demand for the final coin in this series is set to be so high. Especially as many collectors will be looking to complete their collections…

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Harry Potter 50p

2022 UK Harry Potter 50p

To the delight of both Harry Potter fans and 50p collectors, the first Harry Potter UK 50p was issued in 2022! If you’d like to get your hands on one in Brilliant Uncirculated quality, click here >>

Hogwarts Express

2022 UK Hogwarts Express 50p

2022 also saw the second coin in the popular series: the Hogwarts Express 50p! The design depicts Jim Kay’s wonderful illustration of the famous train, seen above!

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Professor Dumbledore

2023 UK Professor Dumbledore 50p
2023 UK Professor Dumbledore 50p

Professor Dumbledore featured on the third Harry Potter 50p, and so did King Charles III! The obverse shows the new monarch and the 2023 date for the first time in the series, adding another element of collectability to this exciting series.

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UK Harry Potter 50p Complete Pack

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Myths and Legends: King Arthur £5 JUST ISSUED!

Legendary British king and wielder of sword Excalibur, King Arthur features on brand new UK £5 coin!

Myths and Legends £5 series kick-starts with King Arthur £5. Reverse shows the legendary King and his famous Excalibur sword in hand.
The obverse behind shows King Charles III.
Background image shows stones and a sword.
The 2023 King Arthur £5. Get your hands on it here >>

The 2023 UK King Arthur £5 coin has been issued as part of a new coin series of Myths and Legends. And, as one of the first King Charles III coin series, it’s sure to get collectors talking!

The design

David Lawrence, renowned for detailed £5 coin designs, shows King Arthur poised with the Excalibur sword in hand – the perfect tribute to a legendary figure!

The design has previously been struck on a 2023 1oz Silver coin, pictured below. But, can you spot the differences?

King Arthur 1oz Silver Coin
2023 King Arthur 1oz Silver Coin

Not only do the metal, denomination and inscription differ, but the 1oz Silver coin also features Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy! A dual portrait pair such as this is exciting news for both Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III collectors!

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The mythology of King Arthur

So, why have The Royal Mint dedicated a new £5 coin to King Arthur? Well, Arthurian mythology is still a topic of interest in the 21st century, despite the legend originating in the 9th-10th centuries!

Many historians have tried to prove whether or not the legend of Arthur was king of England, with history professor Ronald Hutton speaking to BBC’s History Extra in 2020 about how we can be certain of one thing. ‘[T]he battle of Mount Badon, which is recorded in both of our earliest texts as one of Arthur’s greatest victories.’

But, even if King Arthur is just a myth, his legendary tale is nothing short of entertaining!

He has been portrayed as a noble knight who wielded a magical sword, Excalibur. The sword itself is surrounded by mythology, with the a 15th century text (Le Morte d’Arthur) stating that whoever pulls the sword out of a stone is the rightful king of England!

And in 1938, author T. H. White wrote a much-loved children’s novel titled The Sword in the Stone! White’s story also features mythological wizard, Merlin, who guides young Arthur along his journey to becoming England’s rightful king.

Therefore, with the legend of King Arthur engrained in British history, it’s only fitting that The Royal Mint have struck a brand new coin to celebrate him!

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2023 UK King Arthur CERTIFIED BU £5

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