Celebrate over 250 years of Royal History with the Buckingham Palace £5

When visiting London, there’s one place that’s most likely to be on everyone’s sightseeing list…Buckingham Palace! And as one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, it’s only fitting that it now features on a UK £5 coin!

2024 UK Buckingham Palace £5
2024 UK Buckingham Palace £5

A design fit for a King…or Queen!

The 2024 UK Buckingham Palace £5 was first issued in January as part of the 2024 Annual Coin Set, but it’s now been individually released!

The design on this new £5, by Henry Gray, pays tribute to the building that carries so much history, with a beautifully detailed depiction of the front of Buckingham Palace. If you look closely, you’ll see the Royal Standard flying, which signifies the presence of a British Monarch, and the whole design is encircled in a floral ring, tying in with the King’s love of nature.

The Royal Standard can be seen flying atop the Palace
The Royal Standard can be seen flying atop the Palace

The History of the Palace

Buckingham Palace has been in the Royal Family since 1761, when George III bought it as Buckingham House for his wife, Queen Charlotte, to use as their family home. It wasn’t until 1826 that George IV transformed the house into a palace, however the project took much longer and cost much more than expected and was finished by his successor William IV, although he never actually moved in.

Illustration of Buckingham House
Illustration of Buckingham House
Public Domain

Queen Victoria was the first monarch to take up residence in Buckingham Palace in 1837, and it remained the royal residence and place of official business until the end of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. It now serves as King Charles III’s administrative headquarters, although he doesn’t live there.

Many a state visit and national celebration have taken place at the Palace, most recently the King’s Coronation celebrations and Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. It also facilitated significant moments in history, such as the signing of The London Declaration in 1949 that created the Commonwealth as we know it today.

Buckingham Palace in 2009
Buckingham Palace in 2009
Credit: Diliff, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know…Buckingham Palace boasts 775 rooms, a cinema, swimming pool, post office, police station, a doctor’s clinic and a cash machine! It also has the largest private garden in London, covering 42 acres and including a helipad, a lake and tennis courts!

Secure your Buckingham Palace £5

With its rich history, it’s surprising that this is the first time that Buckingham Palace has ever featured on a UK £5 coin. What’s not surprising though, is that the Buckingham Palace £5 was voted your second favourite coin design from the 2024 Annual Set.

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Bond is Back! The Six Decades of 007 Coin Series…

Following the 60th Anniversary since Bond first appeared on the silver screen, The Royal Mint have launched a seven-coin series celebrating each decade of James Bond! The series kicked off with the very first decade of Bond, celebrating the 60s, but the latest coin to be released takes us back to of the 2000s.

Bond of the 00s

The fifth coin in the series celebrates the Bond films of the 2000s and marks Daniel Craig’s debut as Bond in Casino Royale in 2006. Another two 007 films hit the big screens in the 2000s, including Die Another Day and Quantum of Solace. Can you spot these titles written on the new Bond £5?

2024 Bond films of the 00s £5
2024 Bond films of the 00s £5

But the star of the show on this action-packed coin is the iconic hovercraft from the opening sequence in Die Another Day.

Die Another Day Opening Sequence
Credit: Diecast

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Bond of the 90s

The fourth coin in the series bounces back to 1990s and marks Pierce Brosnan’s acting debut as Bond in GoldenEye in 1995. Another two 007 films hit the big screens in the 90s, including Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough. Can you spot these titles written on the new Bond £5?

2024 Bond films of the 90s £5
2024 Bond films of the 90s £5

But the star of the show on this action-packed coin is none other than Q Branch’s speedboat from the iconic River Thames scene in The World Is Not Enough.

Image credit: The Telegraph

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Bond of the 80s

The third coin in the series transports us back to 1980, and honours two beloved Bond actors. Sir Roger Moore who continued to portray James Bond from the 70s through to 1985, and Timothy Dalton who put a more serious spin on the role and played the iconic agent from 1987 to 1989.

Depicted on the third coin is the MI6 agent in the Acrostar ‘Bede’ Jet that appeared in the opening sequence for Moore’s sixth 007 film, Octopussy. Repeating over in the background is each of the 80s Bond film titles, behind the BD-J5 Acrostar.

2024 Bond films of the 80s £5
2024 Bond films of the 80s £5

The 80s brought us some of the most well-known Bond movies, with the likes of For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy and Licence to Kill. This decade was a real defining era for James Bond, I have to say, I think it represents Bond perfectly.

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Bond of the 70s

This second coin in the series depicts the iconic car-submarine, Wet Nellie from hit 70s film, The Spy Who Loved Me. And, like the first coin in the series, features and repeats each 1970s bond film titles behind the much-loved vehicle.

2023 Bond Films of the 70s £5

Throughout the 70s we saw a whole new era of Bond, with Sean Connery passing the iconic role on to Roger Moore, who is the oldest actor to have played Bond, making his debut as the secret agent at 45. Moore has undoubtably been in some of the most well-known bond movies, like Live and Let Die and Diamonds are Forever.

Robert Rouse from United States, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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Bond of the 60s

Sean Connery captivated our hearts as he became the first James Bond in 1962’s, Dr. No. To this day, he’s ranked by entertainment publication, Collider, as the most popular Bond, and to no surprise. Connery’s distinct, Scottish accent helped define some of Bond’s most memorable quotes.

The first coin in the series depicts Sean Connery in the trusty ‘autogyro’ (a one-person aircraft) named ‘Little Nellie’ from the much-loved, You Only Live Twice. With a subtle nod to Connery’s work as the special agent, each of his 007 film titles appear behind James Bond in Little Nellie.

2023 UK Bond films of the 60s £5
2023 UK Bond films of the 60s £5

The Beginning of Bond

70 years ago writer Ian Fleming first brought James Bond into the world, in the April of 1953 with his first 007 novel – Casino Royale. Paving the way for eleven more Bond novels to be made, and inspiring a whole franchise based on the famous spy himself.

Just under 10 years later, 007 took to the screen and the first James Bond movie was made, bringing the impressive agent ‘to life’ in 1962. And, it hasn’t stopped there, with the most recent Bond movie, No Time to Die, only coming out 2 years ago!

Sean Connery as James Bond in 1964’s Goldfinger.
Credit: ETH-Bibliothek Zürich, Bildarchiv / Fotograf: Comet Photo AG (Zürich), via Wikimedia Commons

A History of Bond Coins

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Bond on our UK coins!

First appearing in 2018 on the ‘B’ for Bond coin as part of the A-Z of Great Britain 10p collection, 220,000 Bond 10ps were first issued in 2018, followed by 84,000 in 2019! This 10p has proved extremely popular with collectors and has been at the top of Change Checker Scarcity Index in recent rankings.

And, how could we forget that in 2020 we had the three-part 007 £5 coin series, in which each of the coins placed together, spell out ‘007’, alongside some of Bond’s most memorable quotes.

2018 A-Z of Britain ‘B’ for Bond 10p
2020 James Bond £5 Coins

Collector’s Galore

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60 years of The Rolling Stones on BRAND NEW UK £5 coin!

Celebrating 60 years of iconic rock band The Rolling Stones, The Royal Mint have issued a UK £5 coin!

2022 UK The Rolling Stones £5 coin.
Showing reverse in front with a depiction of 4 band members, with stage lights shining down and 'The Rolling Stones' and '62-22' as inscriptions.
The obverse featured behind shows the fifth portrait of QEII by Jody Clark and the year-date, 2022.
2022 UK The Rolling Stones £5 coin. Get yours here >>

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The design sees the band in concert, with their name above them and dates ‘62-‘22 at the bottom, representing the anniversary. You’ll also spot Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Music Legends £5 coin series

This new issue continues the Music Legends £5 series, which has seen music favourites star on UK coins:

  • Queen
  • Elton John
  • David Bowie
  • The Who

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60 years of incredible tours

The Rolling Stones have played some incredible tours over the last 60 years, with their most recent in 2022!

The Rolling Stones live on tour.
Source: Jim Pietryga, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

And, just last year, they became the highest earning live act of 2021, as announced by Rolling Stone magazine. I’d love to know in the comments if you’ve been lucky enough to experience the rock band live!

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Huge fanbase

And, with fans all around the world, this coin is sure to be a popular addition to the Music Legends coin series. You can get your hands on one by visiting our shop >>

Their global reach is undeniable, but The Rolling Stones have even made it into space!

November 2018 saw NASA name a rock on Mars after the rock ‘n’ roll band, with Robert Downey Jr. making the announcement at a show.

The Rolling Stones Memorabilia

Although it’s not all space rocks, The Rolling Stones memorabilia is highly sought-after. In 2012, band member Ronnie Wood’s 1955 Fender Stratocaster sold for a whopping $60,800.

Ronnie Wood of The Faces performing at the Cornbury Festival, at Great Tew in Oxfordshire. Source: NME.
Ronnie Wood of The Faces performing at the Cornbury Festival, at Great Tew in Oxfordshire. Source: NME.

Meanwhile, a cardboard cut-out of a guitar, gifted by fellow member Keith Richards, sold for $6,875!

If their cardboard memorabilia can go for nearly $7,000, can you imagine how popular a Rolling Stones UK £5 coin could be?

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