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Vote for your favourite Paddington 50p!

Paddington Bear has been all over the news this week as the release of two brand new 2019 UK 50p coins won over the hearts of the nation.

Coin collectors and fans of the bear have been really eager to get their hands on the first coin in the 2019 series which has been released this week, and are looking forward to later in the year when the second coin will be released.

This dynamic duo follows up the hugely popular pair of 50p coins from last year.

In 2018 two Paddington 50p coins were issued to mark the 60th anniversary of Paddington’s first appearance in Michael Bond’s classic childhood tale.

So, now that we’ve seen the designs for all 4 coins, which Paddington 50p is your favourite?

Have you say by voting in our poll and find out more about each coin below:

2018 Paddington at the Station

Vote for your favourite Paddington 50p!
2018 Paddington at the Station 50p. Find out more about this coin here.

This is the first UK 50p coin ever to feature Paddington Bear!

In 2018, The Royal Mint released this brand new 50p coin to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Paddington Bear featuring in Michael Bond’s much-loved book, ‘A Bear Called Paddington’.

The coin’s design by David Knapton is based on the modern adaptation from the CGI-live action movie, featuring Paddington on his suitcase in front of the station, wearing the famous tag around his neck, which reads ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you.’

2018 Paddington at the Palace

Vote for your favourite Paddington 50p!
2018 Paddington at the Palace 50p. Find out more about this coin here.

Much to the delight of both coin collectors and Paddington fans, a second coin was issued as part of the 2018 Paddington 50p series.

This coin features Paddington Bear outside Buckingham palace, waving his Union Jack flag.

The always polite Paddington Bear has always been a family favourite and this coin pays tribute to the bear from Darkest Peru.

2019 Paddington at the Tower

Vote for your favourite Paddington 50p!
2019 Paddington at the Tower 50p. Find out more about this coin here.

Paddington’s London adventure continues into 2019 as two new UK Paddington 50p coins will be issued this year.

This is the first coin in the 2019 series, which has been released in August and will start circulating in our UK change based on demand.

Paddington can be seen outside the Tower of London (former home of The Royal Mint). David Knapton’s design beautifully captures the day this very British bear brought marmalade sandwiches with him on a trip to the Tower – an iconic image I’m sure you’ll agree.

2019 Paddington at St Paul’s Cathedral

Vote for your favourite Paddington 50p!
2019 Paddington at St Paul’s Cathedral

Whilst we know the design for this final coin in the 2019 Paddington series, we’ll have to wait a little while until the coin is released on the 12th September.

I’m sure collectors will be really keen to add this 2019 coin to their Paddington collection and continue his exploration around some of London’s most famous landmarks!

This coin shows the bear outside St Paul’s Cathedral and is inspired by Bond’s final book, “Paddington at St Paul’s” which was published last year to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

With four beautiful Paddington 50p coins to choose from, it’ll certainly be hard to pick a favourite, but we’re looking forward to seeing which design comes out on top when Change Checkers vote in our poll!

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Vote for your favourite Paddington 50p!

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Paddington’s London adventure continues – new coins revealed!

Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, as two BRAND NEW 2019 UK Paddington™ 50p coins have finally been revealed!

Since the Royal Proclamation on the 11th April, Change Checkers have eagerly been awaiting the release of these new coins and I’m sure you’ll agree that they are well worth the wait.

The designs feature Britain’s best-loved bear at some of London’s most iconic attractions – the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Paddington's London adventure continues - new coins revealed!
2019 Paddington at the Tower 50p and 2019 Paddington at St Paul’s Cathedral 50p

Straight from the darkest Peru and into your pockets!

In 1958, Paddington made his way to London, straight from the darkest Peru…

In June 2018 (for his 60th birthday) Paddington was spotted sat on his suitcase beside the trains at Paddington Station and later that year the bear was back, this time proudly waving a Union Jack Flag outside Buckingham Palace.

Paddington's London adventure continues - new coins revealed!

These coins from 2018 can be found in your change and added to your UK 50p coin collection – but have you been lucky enough to find them?

Paddington’s adventure now continues as these latest designs by David Knapton show the bear in two new London landmarks.

And the best news is, The Royal Mint have confirmed that the first coin will also be entering circulation from August!

Let us know if you’re lucky enough to come across any in your change…

Paddington at the Tower of London

Paddington's London adventure continues - new coins revealed!
2019 Paddington at the Tower 50p

This is the first Paddington coin to be released in 2019.

David Knapton’s design, based on the CGI live-action movie, shows the adorable bear outside the Tower of London, enjoying his favourite food – marmalade sandwiches!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this new coin, it is now available to secure in Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

Paddington at St Paul’s Cathedral

Paddington's London adventure continues - new coins revealed!
2019 Paddington at St Paul’s 50p

The second Paddington 50p to be released this year will feature the charming bear outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

David Knapton has really captured the friendly nature of Bond’s character as he doffs his little hat in greeting to you.

This coin won’t be released until the 12th September, but is is available to pre-order now if you want to own it in Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

The 50p collecting craze!

50p coin collecting has become more popular than ever, especially since the release of much-loved characters such as Peter Rabbit, The Snowman and of course Paddington!

Last year’s Paddington 50p coins were hugely popular and I’m sure that these new designs will be just as sought-after.

I’m certainly very excited to by the 2019 Paddington coins and can’t wait for when we will start seeing them in our change!

Give this bear a home!

This loveable bear is looking for a home and if you’d like to take him in, you can order the 2019 Paddington at the Tower 50p in Brilliant Uncirculated quality today.

Paddington's London adventure continues - new coins revealed!

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Why you won’t find 2018 dated 1p and 2p coins in your change…

It’s been revealed that no 1p and 2p coins were struck for circulation by The Royal Mint last year.

This marks the first time in decades that no penny coins were struck in a year. In fact, the last time we saw a year with no new 1p coins was way back in 1972! And it’s been 35 years since the last time no new 2p coins were struck for circulation.

Why you won't find 2018 dated 1p and 2p coins in your change...

The future of the penny

Back in May 2019, the UK Treasury confirmed that 1p and 2p coins will continue to be used “for years to come”. Find out the full story here.

This news emerged following concerns that the 1p and 2p coins would be scrapped after their validity was questioned in the 2018 Spring Statement.

Members of the public were outraged by the idea of the humble penny being scrapped. However it isn’t just sentimental value which has safeguarded the future of the penny.

It’s estimated that around 2.2 people are thought to be reliant on cash to live their daily lives. This includes the elderly, vulnerable people and rural communities who would likely be hit hard if cash availability were to decline.

Card payments are on the rise

Nevertheless, it is clear that card and electronic payments are on the rise and whilst around 500 million 1p and 2p coins are usually issued each year, the fact that none were produced last year goes to show how low the demand for these coins currently is.

We already know that no 20p or £2 coins were struck for circulation in 2017 and it’s also been revealed that no £2 coins were struck for circulation in 2018 either.

A spokesperson from the Treasury said, “We didn’t ask the mint to issue any £2 or 1p/2p coins this past year because there are already enough of these in circulation. Our coins are of the highest quality and the amount we ask the Royal Mint to produce every year depends on demand from banks and Post Offices.”

Commemorative £2 coins

Despite no £2 coins entering circulation since 2016, collector editions of the new commemorative designs have still been produced by The Royal Mint to mark Britain’s most important anniversaries.

Whilst some people are happy to pay a little more to secure the latest coins in superior quality, others are understandably frustrated by the lack of coins entering circulation recently.

To give collectors the chance to own 2019 UK £2 and 50p coins for just face value, this year we launched the Change Checker Face Value Coin Ballot, which you can find out about here.

Spending a penny

It’s thought that around 10.5 billion 1p coins are currently in circulation, but the Treasury estimates that roughly 60% of copper coins are typically only used once before being stashed away or lost.

Despite the lack of 1p and 2p coins being struck for circulation last year, we know that the future of our UK coins is still secure (for now at least), but how often do you find yourself actually spending your 1p and 2p coins?

Let us know in our Facebook poll:

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