Historic Egyptian discovery commemorated on BRAND NEW UK £5 coin!

Marking 100 years since the incredible discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, The Royal Mint have issued a brand-new UK £5!

Laura Clancy’s striking portrait of Tutankhamun’s gold mask is spectacular on this highly detailed coin, complete with his royal headdress.

Collectors and historians alike are sure to be impressed by this design, as this iconic Egyptian discovery is marked on a UK coin!

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The Discovery

In 1922, British Egyptologist Howard Carter dared to explore a neglected stairway within the Valley of the Kings. And, as the world would later learn, one of his biggest discoveries lay at the bottom. Can you just imagine the excitement Carter and his team felt at the time?

The burial chamber of Tutankhamun had been untouched for over 3000 years, until the door was opened in February 1923. Ever since this historic discovery, the world has been intrigued by artefacts found in the tomb.

So, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s only fitting that this Egyptian discovery is marked on a UK £5 coin by The Royal Mint!

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Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Portrait

The 2022 UK Tutankhamun £5 is one of the last UK coins featuring Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait. Find out more what happens to UK coinage now on our blog >>

As demand for coins with Her Majesty’s portrait has surged since the news of her passing, I’m anticipating this coin to be highly sought-after.

So, make sure you secure your 2022 UK Discovery of Tutankhamun CERTIFIED BU £5 today by heading to our Change Checker shop!

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The FIRST Coins of King Charles III – revealed today…

The Royal Mint has JUST been confirmed that a brand-new range of coins is set to be issued on Monday 3rd October at 9am, commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign.

King Charles III 50p obverse/reverse. With text: 'Announcing The New Coin Portrait of His Majesty King Charles III'
2022 UK King Charles III 50p obverse/reverse.

And in particularly interesting news for Change Checkers, the coins will feature the brand-new portrait of King Charles III for the very first time.

The King’s effigy has been created by renowned British sculptor Martin Jennings, and has been personally approved by His Majesty. 

In keeping with tradition, The King’s portrait faces to the left, the opposite direction to Queen Elizabeth II.

As well as the new Royal 50p, a new £5 coin will also be available in the range, as shown below.

2022 UK Charles III £5 obverse/reverse
2022 UK Charles III £5 obverse and reverse designs.

The 50p will also enter circulation in the coming months and will also be available alongside the £5 coin in a range of denominations and specifications. Register your interest below.

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BRAND NEW £2 coin celebrating the Pioneer of the Telephone!

Where would we be today without our phones? From the latest smartphone all the way to the very first harmonic telegraph, these devices shape the way we communicate and connect with one another.

It’s thanks to Alexander Graham Bell and his ingenious innovation that we’re able to enjoy this technology today. So, what better tribute could there be than to celebrate his life and legacy with a new UK £2?

2022 Alexander Graham Bell £2
2022 Alexander Graham Bell £2

Available in superior Brilliant Uncirculated quality, you can secure yours today by clicking here >>

The 2022 UK Alexander Graham Bell £2 was originally issued in the 2022 Annual Coin Set, and earlier this year, it was voted as the favourite design from the set by Change Checkers!

Plus, the design hides a secret phrase… can you spot it?

2022 UK Alexander Graham Bell £2 – Pioneer of the Telephone highlighted within the design

Across the highly detailed buttons, you can see letters that spell out: ‘Pioneer of the Telephone’. What a fantastic way to show that Bell was, truly, the Pioneer of the Telephone!

This innovative feature will surely be a hit with collectors, as it follows the excitement of the secret messages within the Alan Turing 50p, released just last month!

Find out more on our Alan Turing blog >>

And, these aren’t the first scientific innovators to appear on UK coins. In fact, the first 50p in the UK’s Innovation in Science series celebrated Stephen Hawking – making him one of ONLY three people to be celebrated on a UK coin within a year of passing!

Stephen Hawking 50p held in palm
2019 UK Stephen Hawking 50p held in palm

The Stephen Hawking 50p was so popular that it sold out of ALL precious metal specifications on launch day — this, in turn, then drove a high demand for the BU issue.

With this latest UK science coin release, now’s the time to call your friends and share the news, as this new £2 really must not be missed!

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