Bring Back the UK £5 Coin for £5

1,000 lucky collectors have the chance to own the UK £5 for its face value - £5 for £5

1,000 lucky collectors have the chance to own the UK £5 for its face value – £5 for £5

£5 coins are the UK’s flagship coin. But since 2012, the Royal Mint has stopped offering them at face value. And we think that’s all wrong.

Which is why we’ve secured a stock of 1,000 NEW UK £5 coins struck to mark HM Queen’s 90th Birthday that we’re offering to collectors for their face value – £5 for £5.

First issued in 1990, £5 coins are usually reserved for commemorating Royal
occasions. But many others also commemorate significant British anniversaries, and they are a favourite among collectors because of their interesting designs and are viewed by many as one of the UK’s flagship coins.

Sign the Petition to bring back the £5 coin for £5

Unfortunately, a £5 coin hasn’t been issued by the Royal Mint for its face value since the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics in 2012. For us, and I’m sure other Change Checkers, this has been incredibly frustrating.

Which is why we’d like to see The Royal Mint offering the UK £5 for its face value again.

Do you agree? Click here to sign our petition to Bring Back UK £5 Coins for £5.

The ONLY way to own Britain’s new UK £5 for £5

Click here to find out how you can own the 2016 UK 90th Birthday £5 for it’s face value.


  1. patrick mc clenaghan on January 22, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    i have 10, 5 pound coins were can i change them, as the bank say they are not sure what there worth.1999. 2001

    • Ian Glen on January 22, 2016 at 3:53 pm

      Hi Patrick

      The Royal Mint’s guidance on face value £5 coins is:
      However, please note that whilst the coins are legal tender, banks are not obliged to accept the coins (please refer to guidelines on legal tender status ). Policies on accepting crowns do vary, therefore it is advisable to check with your bank in advance.

      Alternatively, crowns can be exchanged for goods or services at Main Post Office branches throughout the UK.

      However, you will probably do better than face value on ebay or with a coin dealer.

      Kind regards