The top 2018 Christmas coins from around the world!

I can’t help but get a bit excited at this time of year, and now that my Change Checker Advent calendar is counting down to Christmas, I really can’t wait for the big day!

But what’s got me even more excited is to see how Santa’s little elves have been busily working away this year to release the most wonderfully festive coins in time for Christmas.

From all across the world we’ve seen renowned Mints issue beautiful Christmas coins that would take pride of place in any collection and I for one would certainly treasure forever (here’s hoping there’s one for me under the tree this year!).

I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite 2018 Christmas coins from around the world that I’d like to share with you, starting of course with the UK Nutcracker £5.


2018 UK Nutcracker £5

2018 UK Nutcracker £5

We all know that £5 coins are the ultimate collector’s piece, so I really enjoyed seeing this year’s festive £5, the Nutcracker.

The 2018 Christmas £5 coin features a magical design of an enchanting Nutcracker scene, by acclaimed engraver, Harry Brockway. According to legend, ‘Nutcracker’ represents strength and power and serves as a guardian – the perfect protector to watch over your family this Christmas time.

This is actually only the second time ever that The Royal Mint has released a Christmas £5 coin, and I’m sure that collectors will want to stay on top of this new tradition and make sure they don’t miss any of these coins for their collection, starting with last year’s Christmas Tree £5.


2018 UK The Snowman 50p

2018 UK The Snowman 50p

I love The Snowman Christmas story and so it came as no surprise to me to see that this coin was a favourite this year, with both Silver Proof and Gold versions completely SELLING OUT on the first day of issue! 

Issued by The Royal Mint to celebrate the festive season, The Snowman 50p marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Raymond Briggs’ much-loved festive tale and was designed by Natasha Ratcliffe to depict the boy and the snowman flying through the night sky above Brighton Pier.

The Isle of Man has previously issued Christmas 50ps featuring The Snowman and these now sell for £100’s on the secondary market, which I’m sure would have added to the collectability of this first ever UK Christmas 50p.


2018 Isle of Man Wren £2

2018 Isle of Man Hunt the Wren £2

You might be familiar with the Isle of Man Christmas 50p coins, but this Christmas a very special £2 coin has been issued featuring a festive wren design.

Hunt the Wren, as it is known on the island has become one of the most popular yet more unusual Manx traditions in practice today, although it actually dates back to Pagan times! This year, the Boxing Day tradition has been celebrated on a £2 coin and only a limited quantity of these coins will enter circulation on the Isle of Man.

Typically, the mintages for Isle of Man coins are much lower than UK coins, with none of the previous Manx Christmas 50ps exceeding 30,000!


2018 Canada 3D Snowball Fight 50 Cents

2018 Canada 3D Snowball Fight 50 Cents. Credit:

We all love a snowball fight! Chances are though that in the UK we won’t see quite as much snow (if any) this year as Canada. But don’t despair, as this wonderful Canadian 50 Cent coin allows you to bring to life the magic of a snowball fight on an innovative 3D coin! 

The Royal Canadian Mint is renowned for their forward thinking technology, and this Christmas they have used lenticular printing to create artist Tony Bianco’s fun-filled design with an illusion of depth, which actually appears to move as the coin is viewed from different angles – so watch out for those snowballs!

It really put a smile on my face when I came upon this coin in my research, and with a mintage of just 20,000 I’m sure Canadian Change Checkers will be eager to add this coin to their collection.


2018 Australia Looney Tunes Christmas Star Shaped $1

2018 Australia Looney Tunes Christmas Star Shaped $1

When it comes to dressing the Christmas tree this year, I’m sure Australian Change Checkers will be thrilled with this exquisite star shaped 99.99% Pure Silver $1 coin, which comes with protective casing that can be hung as a decoration.

The Perth Mint has produced some fantastic star shaped Christmas coins over the past few years and this year’s coin is no exception. One of the best known animated characters of all time, Buggs Bunny and his girlfriend Lola are celebrated in colour printing for this vibrant and festive Looney Tunes design.

This coin is actually legal tender in Tuvalu (a small island off Australia), but I certainly wouldn’t be spending it if I found one in my stocking!


2018 New Zealand Disney Silver $1

2018 New Zealand Disney Silver $1

2018 must be the year for animated characters, as the new $1 from New Zealand features the iconic Mickey Mouse and his friends for this Disney Christmas themed 999 Fine Silver coin.

This is the fifth annual release from the New Zealand Mint and has been so incredibly popular this year that it has in fact sold out completely! Although with such an appealing theme and a very low mintage of just 10,000 this comes as no surprise to me.

Like the Australian Christmas coin, this $1 also comes in a special presentation case to be hung as a decoration – just imagine creating your very own tree filled with international Christmas coins!

I’m sure you’ll agree that wherever you are in the world, there’s something extra special about a Christmas coin which brings everyone together at this time of year. Whether or not you’re a dedicated collector, or simply enjoy Christmas collectables, these coins are impossible to resist!




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Light up your world with this glow in the dark coin from Canada!

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a stunning set of coins in 2018, including an exclusive piece marking the 200th anniversary of the 49th parallel.

Combining three technologies into one outstanding 50 cent coin, Steve McPhee’s design utilises vibrant colouring to superimpose the red and white Canadian flag across a map of the country, whilst an engraved line highlights the border between Canada and the USA.

But that’s not all…

The brand new coin combines three technologies into one outstanding 50 cent coin

When plunged into darkness, special luminescent material lights up the coin, including the latitude and longitude lines – creating a glow in the dark map of Canada! 

This stunning set includes one of every denomination in circulation from the $2 to the 5-Cent, but the stand out coin is the exclusive 50-Cent coin – which has only been made available as part of the set.

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the famous border between Canada and the US, a brand new set of coins have been released.

In 2017, The Royal Canadian Mint released a sell out set of coins celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, highlighting this milestone event in Canadian history.

The set also included a glow in the dark piece – the two-dollar coin, (or toonie), celebrating the wonders of Canada with an evocative design featuring the Northern Lights.

Canada released the world’s first glow-in-the-dark coin into circulation in 2017…

Collectors were desperate to secure this unusual coin, but just 3 million of these coins were released into general circulation in Canada, meaning just one in ten Canadians were able to find one in their change.

In fact, each and every one of these special Royal Canadian Mint releases have become a collector’s item and going by previous issues, 25 cents and $2 coins are extremely difficult to get hold of.

There’s no doubt that if coins such as these were released in the UK they would create a collecting frenzy! Canadian Change Checkers are certainly incredibly lucky to be able to get hold of fantastic coins such as this from the world renowned Canadian mint.

SOLD OUT AT THE MINT – 2018 Canadian Armistice Centenary $2 Coin

In 2018, to mark the Armistice centenary, The Royal Canadian Mint released this $2 as a tribute to combatants and a pledge to never forget the sacrifices of the First World War.

Just 1 million of these coins were released into circulation in Canada, but today you can secure this stunning coin in uncirculated quality for your collection.

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The WWII Propaganda Coin

In 1943 the Second World War was far from won.  It was a year to D-Day and two to VE Day.

Keen to encourage the war effort, the Canadian Government did something I have not seen anywhere else.  They issued a coin as a piece of pure propaganda.

A Flaming Torch and “V” for Victory dominate the design, whilst the Morse code message on the coin’s rim read “We win when we work willingly”.

If you look closely, you will see the Morse code message just inside the bead of the coin on the reverse.

The ‘V’ represents the number five in Roman numerals for the coins face value, but also Winston Churchill’s famous V for Victory sign that had become synonymous with the hope of victory throughout the Allied nations.

Canadian officials felt it was important to have a patriotic symbol to support their war efforts. And as the coin was used by service men and women – as well as those at home – it did a great job at reminding people of the war effort.

This now legendary coin was minted right up until the end of the War in 1945.

The legendary coin with the hidden message

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