How much did it cost back then? Put your old money knowledge to the test!

2021 marks 50 years since our UK coins went decimal and as part of our celebrations, we’ve got a quiz for you… for those of you not on Facebook, or if you missed out before, here’s a chance to have a go at one of our most popular quizzes from our 50 day countdown to Decimalisation!

How well can you remember Old English Money? Put your knowledge to the test as we ask you to tell us how much these household items used to cost!

Best of luck!

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2021 will mark 50 years since this pivotal moment in British history and so in tribute, Change Checker has issued this Complete Decimalisation Set.

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How well do you know your 50p coins?

We’re counting down to the 50th anniversary of the 50p and to celebrate this numismatic hero we’ve put together a special 50p coin quiz!

Have a go at the 50p quiz below to find out if you’re a numismatic nerd

Have you joined the Definitive 50p Collecting Challenge?

The race is on to find and collect the definitive 50ps in your change in time for the 50th anniversary of the 50p!

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