CORONATION 50p FIRST LOOK: King Charles Crowned Portrait Revealed

The FIRST crowned coin portrait of King Charles III has JUST been revealed as a special effigy for the UK’s coronation coin range.

The coins will be available from 9am on 24.04.2023 on Westminster Collection’s website but you’ll need to get ahead of the crowd if you want to add them to your collection…

Below, I explain why these 50p and £5 coins are sure to become some of the most sought-after EVER…

First King Charles Crowned Portrait

In a unique collecting opportunity, the UK Coronation coins feature the very first crowned portrait of His Majesty.

2023 UK Coronation Coins featuring Crowned Portrait of His Majesty.
2023 UK Coronation Coins featuring Crowned Portrait of His Majesty.

King Charles III’s uncrowned portrait has been used on recent UK coins, stamps, and banknotes – maintaining a tradition for male monarchs which dates back centuries.

So, what does this mean for the unusual inclusion of a crowned portrait on the coronation coin range?

These coins will be truly unique; they could be some of the only coins ever issued to feature His Majesty wearing a crown.

UK Coronation Coin Designs

As well as the obverse design, we’ve got a first look at the reverse design of the Coronation 50p and £5 coins.


UK Coronation 50p Reverse Design.
UK Coronation 50p Reverse Design.

The Coronation 50p is truly the first of its kind. Never before has the UK seen a Coronation 50p.

The brand new reverse shows a section of Westminster Abbey, where His Majesty will be crowned on the 6th May 2023.

This is set against the Royal Cypher, featuring the same crown that His Majesty can be seen wearing on the obverse design.


UK Coronation £5 Reverse Design.
UK Coronation £5 Reverse Design.

The £5 coin shows a depiction of the St Edward’s Crown accompanied by the sovereign’s sceptre with dove and the sovereign’s sceptre with cross.

It also features the inscription, “THE CORONATION OF KING CHARLES III 6 MAY 2023”.

50p to enter circulation!

And, the best news is that 5 million 50ps will enter circulation later this year, featuring the original, uncrowned effigy by Martin Jennings.

This follows the five million memorial 50ps that have already entered circulation – the very first 50p to feature King Charles III’s portrait.

Find out more on our blog by clicking here.

A great collecting story

These coins have all the hallmarks of a great collecting story so they’re sure to be snapped up quickly by collectors.

Just think back to last year’s Platinum Jubilee record sell-out. All limited edition specifications of the 50p and £5 sold out in less than 24 hours!

You’ll need to get ahead of the crowd if you’re wanting to secure these coins for your collection when they’re issued.

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The FIRST Coins of King Charles III – revealed today…

The Royal Mint has JUST been confirmed that a brand-new range of coins is set to be issued on Monday 3rd October at 9am, commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign.

King Charles III 50p obverse/reverse. With text: 'Announcing The New Coin Portrait of His Majesty King Charles III'
2022 UK King Charles III 50p obverse/reverse.

And in particularly interesting news for Change Checkers, the coins will feature the brand-new portrait of King Charles III for the very first time.

The King’s effigy has been created by renowned British sculptor Martin Jennings, and has been personally approved by His Majesty. 

In keeping with tradition, The King’s portrait faces to the left, the opposite direction to Queen Elizabeth II.

As well as the new Royal 50p, a new £5 coin will also be available in the range, as shown below.

2022 UK Charles III £5 obverse/reverse
2022 UK Charles III £5 obverse and reverse designs.

The 50p will also enter circulation in the coming months and will also be available alongside the £5 coin in a range of denominations and specifications. Register your interest below.

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The UK’s FIRST Royal 50p – JUST ISSUED!

The day has finally arrived… The UK’s FIRST Royal 50p has JUST been issued! And, it’s got a very special obverse design – NEVER-before-seen on a 50p…

The 2022 UK Platinum Jubilee 50p is arguably the most significant coin of a lifetime, celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s incredible 70 years of service to the crown.

We’re so excited to bring you all of the important details, as well giving you the chance to secure it for your collections!

Keep reading to find out more…

2022 UK Platinum Jubilee 50p

2022 sees Her Majesty become the first monarch in British history to reach her Platinum Jubilee, so it’s only fitting that this moment has been captured for the very first time on the UK’s most collected coin!

And, this UK first also features new designs on BOTH the reverse and obverse!

Experienced coin artist John Bergdahl has created a stunning commemorative Jubilee portrait of Her Majesty on horseback, which is reminiscent of previous jubilee designs, including the 1953 coronation crown!

1953 Coronation Crown

Created by design agency Osborne Ross, the reverse features the number 70 in a striking centralized design, with the dates 1952 and 2022, beneath The Queen’s royal cypher.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this coin is one of the most exciting issues we’ve ever seen.

We’ve never-before-seen a UK 50p mark such a significant event and it’s only right that the UK’s first royal 50p, should feature such an exciting design.

This is also the first time that we’ve ever seen the portrait of Her Majesty on horseback feature on the 50p!

This is an absolute MUST-HAVE for collectors. If you need reminding why, here are my 3 top reasons to add this coin to your collection:

  1. This is the UK’s FIRST royal 50p – making it a numismatic first
  2. For the first time on the 50p, we’ve seen the portrait of Her Majesty on horseback feature on the obverse design
  3. Her Majesty is the FIRST British Monarch to reach her Platinum Jubilee – a milestone few of us will see again.

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2022 UK Platinum Jubilee £5

As the perfect accompaniment to this stunning new 50p, The Royal Mint have also issued a brand new £5 coin to celebrate Her Majesty’s Jubilee.

Set to rival the collecting frenzy of the Queen’s first Jubilee Crown released in 1977, this brand new release features a design created especially for collectors.

1977 Diamond Jubilee. Credit: Numista

In 1977, Her Majesty celebrated 25 years on the throne – her Silver Jubilee and the first of her reign. The Royal Mint issued this commemorative crown. The coin’s reverse design is focused upon the Coronation theme and features the Ampulla and anointing spoon from the Royal regalia surrounded by a heraldic floral pattern and the Crown.

The coin’s obverse takes inspiration from the 1953 Coronation Crown, showing a newly designed image of the Queen on horseback.

Unusually, this coin does not feature an edge inscription or date on its reverse, making it the only crown of its kind at the time of issue. It was also one of the last crowns to be issued with a face value of 25 pence (commemorative crowns issued after 1990 have a face value of £5), which makes it continually sought-after among collectors!

Reminiscent of the 1953 Coronation Crown, the 2022 Platinum Jubilee £5 features a special obverse design of the Queen riding on horseback – only found on the individual release of this coin!

The reverse design by John Bergdahl includes the Queen’s garter robes in a fitting tribute to her 70 years upon the throne.

As you’d expect with such a stunning issue, this coin will come struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated quality, protectively encapsulated in Official Change Checker packaging.

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The UK’s FIRST Royal 50p – secure the most in-demand coin of our lifetime!

Secure the brand new 2022 UK Platinum Jubilee 50p for your collection for JUST £4.50 (+p&p).

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