The 50 Day Countdown to the 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation has BEGUN!

The countdown has begun and in JUST 50 days, our decimal coinage will celebrate its 50th anniversary!

Join in with our celebrations!

To celebrate the anniversary of the biggest change our UK coinage has ever seen, we’ve launched a 50 Day Countdown until the Decimalisation Anniversary!

Every day, for 50 days, we’ll be posting different activities for you to read, watch and get involved in. We’ve got quizzes, giveaways and so much more planned, so make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled across all of our channels so that you can get involved!

The 50th anniversary of Decimal Day marks a significant change in our UK currency which changed the day to day lives of every British Citizen in the United Kingdom.

It was the subject of passionate debate for centuries, so during our 50 Day Countdown, we’ll be taking a closer look at the history and story behind the decimal changeover. To test your knowledge, we’ll even have some quizzes for you to get involved with!

So, will you be joining us on our Countdown?

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If you have memories of the changeover, or have any interesting facts about Decimalisation, make sure you’re commenting below!

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  1. Edward Clark on December 27, 2020 at 11:15 am

    D Day was my first day as a cashier in a High Street bank. Of course I had been well trained but it was a challenge converting every transaction into pounds and New Pence! I had spent most of my time before D Day, bagging up the new bronze coins. These coins were delivered to the banks in sealed rolls, they had to be broken open and then bagged for distribution. I found and was allowed to keep a few blanks and miss strikes. They are still in my album.

    I collected UK coins and Bank notes, then lost interest until the 2012 Olympic 50ps were issued.

    I now have a complete collection of 50ps in BU condition from 1998, including Kew Gardens. For good measure I have the earlier commemoratives as well, including the EU Presidency.

  2. Lliam on December 27, 2020 at 10:37 am

    Gutted that I didn’t wait for the blue page to come out now, I got the yellowish coloured one but this blue page fits better with the blue theme in my album haha

  3. Frederick Gallick on December 27, 2020 at 10:08 am

    My recollection of Decimal Day is actually preceding it. I went to my maternal grandmother’s for my lunch from secondary school. My maternal grandfather was a milkman. As I arrived in the kitchen I recall someone lifting a shopping bag, setting it on a chair and been told to look in it. I looked and saw what looked like pieces of copper and silver pipe. I thought nothing off it, but was told to lift some out. I lifted some out and discovered it was the new coins sealed in polythene covered stacks. I wasn’t allowed to open them as this was the coins being dispersed by the banks in advance of D day.