The wait is finally over and it is with great excitement that we can reveal the brand new Isle of Man Peter Pan 50p coins to you all…

These amazing coins have been developed in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity to celebrate 90 years since Peter Pan author, J.M. Barrie, gifted all future rights in Peter Pan to them.

Our friends at the Westminster Collection say, “It has been an honour working with this fantastic charity to create the WORLD’S FIRST Peter Pan 50ps, and for every coin sold a donation will go directly to GOSH Charity to support the hospital’s most urgent needs: fund support services, pioneering research, equipment and refurbishment.”

Peter Pan remains one of the most cherished and loved children’s stories of all time and as such demand for these new 50p coins is expected to be extremely high.

Whether you’re an avid 50p collector, a Peter Pan fan, or just a big kid at heart, I’m sure these coins are bound to sweep you off your feet.

The Official Peter Pan 50p Coin

The brand new Peter Pan 50p features an engraving of David Wyatt’s illustration from the Oxford University Press edition of Peter Pan, alongside a well-known and much loved quote from the book.

This is the first time ever that Peter Pan has featured on a 50p coin and I’m sure that this magical design will go down a treat with collectors, especially following the popularity of previous book character coins.

The COMPLETE Peter Pan 50p Set

Six coins have been created in total, each featuring a different quote and an accompanying specially commissioned design showcasing one of David Wyatt’s stunning illustrations from the Oxford University Press edition of Peter Pan.

Each coin is dedicated to a favourite character from the book, including Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tick-Tock the Crocodile, Tinkerbell, Wendy and Nana.

Whilst I’m sure you’ll agree each design is truly beautiful, my personal favourite has got to be Tinkerbell! Let me know in the comments below which design you prefer.

But these coins aren’t just available in Brilliant Uncirculated quality; they will in fact be available in a range of other finishes too…

The Silver Proof Peter Pan 50p Coins

Struck in Sterling Silver to an immaculate Proof Finish, these coins feature an impressive full-colour illustration of the stunning designs, really bringing the magic of the story to life.

Silver Proof 50p’s are amongst the most sought-after new issues around and with JUST 10,000 of the individual Peter Pan Silver Proof 50p and JUST 1,995 of the Silver Proof set available worldwide, a sell-out is expected.

The Gold Proof Peter Pan 50p

This is the crème de la crème of the range you could say…

Struck from 22 Carat Gold to a perfect Proof Finish, JUST 500 lucky collectors worldwide will be able to own this prestigious new coin.

New Gold Proof 50p’s have a strong sell-out history and high demand is expected for the Gold Proof Peter Pan 50p.

The British Isles really have had some fantastic releases recently and I must say that these coins from the Isle of Man have got to be some of my favourites! But what do you think about these coins? Let us know in the comments below!

Add the 2019 Peter Pan 50p coins to your collection!

These beautiful new coins are now available to add to your British Isles collection, starting from £6.25 for the individual Peter Pan coin in Brilliant Uncirculated quality and £37.50 for the Brilliant Uncirculated set.

If you’d like to take a piece of magic home with you, click here to order your Peter Pan 50p coins.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is taking place in England and Wales this summer and to celebrate this iconic event, the Isle Of Man have issued a series of 5 officially licensed 50p coins.

Whilst the designs of these new coins will certainly be of interest to cricket fans, it’s the British Isles coin collectors out there who will be keen to secure these coins for their collection, as each design will be entering circulation on the Isle of Man…

Isle Of Man ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 50p Series

In anticipation of the event, the Isle Of Man have issued this stunning series of 50p coins.

An initial strike of 12,500 of each design will enter circulation on the Isle of Man, and undoubtedly these coins will be highly collectable by both cricket fans and coin collectors alike.

The first coin features a slip catch. The slip fielder is placed behind the batsman on the off side of the field, with the aim of catching an edged ball which is beyond the wicket-keeper’s reach.

1. 2019 Isle of Man ‘Slip Catch’ 50p

The second coin features a cover drive – considered one of the most graceful shots playable in the sport. This involves the player stroking the ball through the covers with well-timed delivery aimed at or outside the off stump.

2. 2019 Isle of Man ‘Cover Drive’ 50p

The next coin features the Cricket World Cup official logo for 2019. This year’s logo shows the iconic ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 trophy placed in the center of the logo.

3. 2019 Isle of Man ‘ICC World Cup logo’ 50p

The fourth coin features a stumping. The action of stumping can only be performed by a wicket-keeper if the wicket-keeper puts down the wicket while the batsman is out of his ground and not attempting a run.

4. 2019 Isle of Man ‘Stumping’ 50p

The final coin features a delivery stride. The delivery stride forms part of the bowling action that results in the bowler releasing the ball in the direction of the batsman.

5. 2019 Isle of Man ‘Delivery Strike’ 50p

The obverse design of each coin features Jody Clark’s most recent effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which includes the Queen’s shoulders and the Victorian coronation necklace.

2019 Isle of Man ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 50p series. Obverse design by Jody Clark

History of the ICC Cricket World Cup

Originally, the ICC was founded as the ‘Imperial Cricket Board’ in 1909 to govern international matches involving England, Australia and South Africa. By 1989 the organisation had taken up its current name and now the International Cricket Council has 105 members: 12 Full Members that play Test matches and 93 Associate Members.

Test match cricket in 1912. Credit:

The ICC is responsible for cricket’s major international tournaments, of course including the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, which will be hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July this year.

Limited number entering circulation…

Typically, mintage figures for British Isles coins are notoriously low compared to UK figures, due to the much smaller population.

In fact, last year the Isle of Man released two hugely popular £2 coins to celebrate the TT races, with a mintage of just 3,000 coins each!

Following the popularity of the TT coins, these ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 50ps have an initial mintage of 12,500 coins per design, and I’m sure Change Checkers on the Isle Of Man will be eager to hunt down this summer.

Secure all 5 Isle Of Man ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 50p coins today!

The coins will only be entering circulation on the Isle of Man, but you can secure the complete set in Brilliant Uncirculated quality for your collection today!

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