UK’s first ever Peter Rabbit £5 coin coming soon!

“Peter Rabbit made his way back to his cosy burrow, where he lived with his family” – Beatrix Potter

Well, we’re certainly pleased to see Peter Rabbit return to the cosy burrow of UK coinage!

In 2020, it was confirmed that Peter Rabbit’s 50p tale had come to an end, with an incredible total of five 50ps celebrating the loveable character.

Collectors and Beatrix Potter fans alike have adored the Peter Rabbit coins released in recent years and now we are delighted to reveal that as of the Royal Proclamation on 12th March 2021, a brand new £5 coin is set to celebrate the cheeky character.

Whilst the complete design remains top secret, the coin is said to feature a depiction of Peter Rabbit, Mrs Rabbit, and three other rabbits. What’s more, the coin will feature the inscription, “NOW RUN ALONG, AND DON’T GET INTO MISCHIEF. I AM GOING OUT” – a quote from the famous tales.

If the Beatrix Potter 50p series is anything to go by, we’re sure this coin will be adorable! We can’t wait to see it.

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Peter Rabbit 50p Coins

Peter Rabbit first appeared in literature back in 1902, when children’s author Beatrix Potter commercially published what was to become her best-seller, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Since then, Peter Rabbit has featured in eight books, over 9 tv/film adaptations. and has been made into numerous commemorative souvenirs – including a series of 50p coins!

Peter Rabbit 50p Series (2016-2020 featured left to right)

These coins have proved so popular with collectors, with the 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p specifically rising to fame when it was revealed that JUST 1,400,000 entered circulation!

Do you have a favourite Peter Rabbit 50p? Cast your vote below!

We can’t wait to see the design of this brand new Peter Rabbit £5. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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50 Years of Mr. Men and Little Miss™ celebrated with brand new £5 coin series!

For 50 years, the Mr. Men and Little Misses have been delighting children and adults alike for generations with their charming, cheeky and, clever antics.

But now, in 2021 we see them delighting the coin collecting world as well, as The Royal Mint has revealed a new £5 coin series celebrating the inhabitants of Dillydale.

2021 UK Little Miss Sunshine £5

The final coin in this wonderful series has JUST been issued and it features a design of one of the happiest and kindest characters in all of Dillydale, Little Miss Sunshine.

Adam Hargreaves’ design of the Little Miss Sunshine £5 features the cheerful character in the forefront, with the charming meadows of the dale behind.

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Mr. Men and Little Miss £5 Series

What’s more, you can also secure the other coins in the Mr. Men™ and Little Miss™ collection below:

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  • To secure the 2021 UK Mr Strong and Little Miss Giggles £5 for your collection, simply click here >>

2021 UK Mr. Strong and Little Miss Giggles £5

The second coin in this wonderful series features the strongest person in all the land and the Little Miss who can’t stop giggling!

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Adam Hargreaves’ design of the Mr Strong and Little Miss Giggles™ £5 features these famous characters set against the meadows of Dillydale.

Excitingly, this is only coin in the Mr. Men and Little Miss series to feature more than one character on its design!

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2021 UK Mr. Happy™ £5

The very first coin in this series features none other than Mr. Happy himself!

Adam Hargreaves’ design of this £5 coin features the instantly recognisable and much-loved Mr Happy at the centre.

Excitingly for collectors, this is the first time Mr. Happy has featured on a UK coin and we think he’s made a very grand entrance!

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50 Years of Fun

Charles Roger Hargreaves was an english author and illustrator, best known for his creation of the world-famous Mr. Men and Little Miss stories.

Roger Hargreaves. Credit: GoodReads

The Mr. Men and Little Miss books first originated with Mr Tickle. Hargreaves son asked him what a tickle looked like, so he drew a round orange man with long arms that could reach anywhere!

Mr Tickle was such a success with his son and the general public, that Hargreaves went on to create a whole world of Mr Men and Little Miss characters.

As of 2015, there have been 30 books, with over 85 Mr. Men and Little Miss characters featuring and now, they feature on a UK coin series for the very first time.

Following the popularity of previous children’s literature themed coins, we’re expecting these coins to be a huge hit with collectors!

Let’s take a closer look at previous UK coins that have celebrated children’s literature…

Beatrix Potter 50p Series

A selection of the Beatrix Potter 50p coins.

In 2016 a new series of 50p coins were confirmed celebrating renowned children’s author Beatrix Potter.

From Peter Rabbit, to the Tailor of Gloucester we’ve seen some of Potter’s most-loved characters feature on our 50p coin. These coins truly did spark a whole new interest in collecting, that spanned across generations.

In fact, these coins were so popular that we saw the main man himself, Peter Rabbit, feature in the series FIVE times – a testament to the nation’s love of this cheeky little bunny.

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Paddington 50p Coins

2018 & 2019 Paddington 50ps

In 2018, a brand new series of 50p coins were issued to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Paddington’s first appearance in Michael Bond’s story, ‘A Bear Called Paddington’.

The first two coins in the series featured Paddington at the Station and Paddington at the Palace. Later, in 2019, Paddington returned this time at the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

These coins have proved so popular with collectors since their initial release and have been the talking point of recent years. Change Checker has a range of collecting packs and products for you to store your coins in when you find them in your change! Find out more here >>

The Gruffalo 50p Coins

2019 Gruffalo 50ps

In 2019, two Gruffalo 50p coins were issued to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Julia Donalson’s much-loved children’s tale.

The first coin to be released, featuring an image of the Gruffalo, with his famous horns and teeth at the centre, was so popular that the silver-proof version sold out in less than 12 hours!

Later in the year, The Gruffalo returned, this time with his adorable companion from the tale, Mouse.

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We love these brand new Mr. Men and Little Miss £5 coins! Will you be securing them for your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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Music Legends £5 series rocks the nation!

Everyone has different tastes in music, but there are some artists you just can’t deny are true Music Legends, and The Royal Mint are celebrating these icons on a series on UK £5 coins!

2024 George Michael £5

The latest Music Legends £5 has just been released, and I Knew You Were Waiting for this one! George Michael is the latest Music Legend to feature on a UK £5, and this Amazing new release also coincides with the 40th anniversary of his first solo song, Careless Whisper.

One of the best-selling musicians of all time, It’s estimated that George Michael sold over 125 million records worldwide during his career – with smash hits such as Faith, Freedom! ‘90 and Fastlove.

The 2024 UK George Michael £5 features an instantly recognisable image of the star in his ‘Faith’ era, complete with his trademark sunglasses.

Your George Michael £5 coin has been struck to superior Brilliant Uncirculated quality and comes presented in official Change Checker packaging to be preserved for generations to come.

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2023 The Police £5

Dubbed ‘the biggest band in the world’ by Rolling Stone magazine in 1983, The Police were one of the definitive rock groups of the 1970s and 80s. To celebrate 40 years since their final album Synchronicity, the band features on the latest Music Legends £5 coin!

The English rock band, fronted by lead vocalist Sting, have never before been featured on a UK coin, and with a massive 75 million record sales under their belt, it’s only fitting that they’ve been celebrated on the latest Music Legends £5 coin.

Inspired by The Classics

The reverse design takes inspiration from both the Synchronicity album cover and the Every Breath You Take: The Classics cover art.

The 2023 UK Police £5 is only the second coin in The Royal Mint’s Music Legends series to feature King Charles III on the obverse, continuing this exciting dual-monarch series of £5 coins.

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2023 Dame Shirley Bassey £5

Without a doubt, Dame Shirley Bassey is one of the most iconic British vocalists of the 20th Century, so it’s only fitting that she features on the latest coin in The Royal Mint’s Music Legends series. The brand new 2023 UK Dame Shirley Bassey £5 coin celebrates 70 years of the Dame’s incredible legacy in show business.

2023 Dame Shirley Bassey £5
2023 Dame Shirley Bassey £5

Spot the hidden details

Designer Sue Aperghis has really captured the essence of Dame Shirley Bassey’s incredible talent and style with a design featuring her silhouette and name in lights, and a Welsh dragon to represent her birthplace. There are also a few hidden details…

Bassey is perhaps best known for featuring on the soundtracks of three James Bond theme songs, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker and Goldfinger. The names of all three Bond tracks feature within the design, but can you find them all?

The 2023 Dame Shirley Bassey £5 is the first coin in the Music Legends series to feature King Charles III on the obverse. All 4 of the previous Music Legends coins have featured Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy on the obverse, making it one of the first dual portrait UK commemorative £5 series.

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2022 The Rolling Stones £5

*No longer available at the Mint*

This Music Legends coin celebrates 60 years of iconic rock band, The Rolling Stones!

2022 The Rolling Stones £5
2022 The Rolling Stones £5

The design shows the band in concert, with their name above them and dates ‘62-‘22 at the bottom, representing the anniversary.

In 2021, The Rolling Stones became the highest earning live act of the year, as announced by Rolling Stone magazine – this isn’t surprising when you consider their huge fanbase across the world!

On the obverse, you’ll spot Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II‘s portrait, but did you know that this was one of the last £5 coins to feature The Queen before the introduction of King Charles III’s coin portrait?

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2021 The Who £5

*No longer available at the Mint*

The fourth Music Legends to feature in this £5 coin series was British group, The Who. The Who were amongst the most popular and influential bands of the 1960s and ’70s. Key to defining the mod genre and originating the ‘rock opera’ both in Britain and worldwide, The Who are without a doubt, true Music Legends.

The 2021 The Who £5 was designed by artist, Henry Gray to include a Union flag, mod logo and Rickenbacker guitar within a Tommy inspired pinball table, this superb coin acts as a nod to some of the band’s most famous creations.

Mod-Rock Legends

Among the most popular and influential bands of the 1960s and ’70s, The Who were key to defining the mod genre and originated the ‘rock opera’ both in Britain and worldwide. Despite having an early influence from the American Rhythm and Blues genre, The Who’s move towards a new style of British rock allowed them to reject any form of pretension when dealing with teenage frustrations.

The Who’s undeniable popularity, which spans across generations, has granted them numerous awards and they even reached the Grammy Hall of Fame for their single ‘My Generation’ and the albums ‘Tommy’ and Who’s Next’.

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2020 UK David Bowie £5

*No longer available at the Mint*

The third coin in the Music Legend series celebrates the icon that is David Bowie.

The coin, by Jody Clark, features a design which pays tribute to Bowie’s Aladdin Sane era. It depicts the music legend transitioning between his various personas, set against his iconic ‘BOWIE’ font and the world-famous lightning bolt that Bowie sported as his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

Encapsulating everything Bowie stood for; transformation, non-conformism, and vibrancythis £5 coin pays the perfect tribute to one of the UK’s biggest Music Legends of all time.

Bowie’s songs depicted the ups and downs being an outsider: an alien, a misfit, or even a faraway astronaut! His music appealed to all, with a blend of rock, cabaret, jazz and soul. It was this eclectic mix of style and honest charm that defined him as one of the greatest music legends of the 20th century.

During Bowie’s vibrant career, he released 27 studio albums, 128 singles, and 72 music videos. Some of his most famous works include Space Oddity (1969), Life on Mars? (1971), Heroes (1977), and Ashes to Ashes (1980).

Sadly, in 2016 David Bowie passed away just two days after his birthday, leaving behind a legacy of nonconformist music and style.

And, in 2020 his legacy lives on, with the release of the David Bowie £5 >>

2020 UK Elton John £5

*No longer available at the Mint*

The second coin in the Music Legends series celebrated Sir Elton John, who has been delighting his fans for more than half a century.

2020 UK Elton John Brilliant Uncirculated £5

Since his very first self-titled album in 1970, Elton John has sold in excess of 300 million records worldwide. Some of his chart-topping hits include, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’, ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, ‘Candle in the Wind’, and ‘I’m Still Standing’.

He also found success on Broadway, composing for Billy Elliot (2008), which went on to win 10 Tony Awards. As recognition of his contribution to music, Sir Elton John was knighted in 1998 and in 2020 he was celebrated on a £5 for the first time.

The reverse design of this £5 coin, by Bradley Morgan Johnson, represents John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ era. Speaking of the design, Johnson said, “I’m Still Standing was one of [his] favourite childhood pop tracks” and you can definitely see the influence this song had on the design of this coin.

The best thing about this coin, is that Sir Elton John himself approved the design! By owning this coin, you really are in possession of some huge music legend memorabilia.

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2020 Queen £5 Coin

*No longer available at the Mint*

The very first £5 coin in the Music Legends series paid tribute to one of Britain’s most iconic and influential bands Queen.

2020 UK Queen Brilliant Uncirculated £5

Formed in London in 1970, Queen instantly rocked the nation and became a British icon, creating unique and timeless songs which are still loved to this day. As of 2005, Queen’s albums have spent the equivalent of 26 years in the UK Album Charts! (According to the Guinness Book of World Records).

The design of this £5 coin by Chris Facey, showcases the iconic instruments of all four founder members of the band: Brian May’s Red Special guitar, John Deacon’s Fender Precision Bass™, Roger Taylor’s Ludwig™ bass drum, and Freddy Mercury’s Bechstein™ grand piano.

The Queen £5 is full of ‘firsts’, such as…

  • The first-time ever that Queen have featured on a coin worldwide
  • The first-time ever a British band has been celebrated on UK coinage
  • The first coin to be issued in the new series celebrating British Music Legends.

What’s more, band members Brian May and Roger Taylor have officially approved the design of this coin!

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Who is your favourite Music Legend?

We’d love to know which coin in this Music Legends £5 series is your favourite so far, so let us know in the comments below!

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