The coin that’s got it all… a never-before-seen mintmark, a minting first and a 50th anniversary to celebrate!

2019 marks a milestone moment for coin collectors as the world’s first seven-sided coin celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Since its introduction in 1969, the 50p has become one of the most collected UK coins, featuring many different commemorative designs and in recent years, inspiring a whole new generation of coin collectors.

Which is why we’re so excited the 50p coin we’ve been waiting all year for has JUST been released.

The 50 Years of the 50p Anniversary Coin has just been released by The Royal Mint for UK Collectors and is the only official UK 50p coin to be issued to celebrate this most-important numismatic anniversary.

We’re sure you’re just as excited about this as we are so let’s take a closer look at the incredibly special anniversary design…

50 Years of the 50p Anniversary Coin – The Design

‘The Shape of a Revolution’ – carefully designed by The Royal Mint design team, this unique 50p is said to ‘pay tribute to the science that gave us the world’s first seven-sided coin’.

Featuring Christopher Ironside’s iconic Britannia on the reverse, inscribed with ‘NEW PENCE’ just as the original 1969 coin was, this unique 50p has not one, but two special features:

  1. An exclusive never-before-seen mint mark; the Spirograph type design has been drawn from an extension of lines forming the 50p shape. It pays tribute to the revolutionary coin design and is entirely exclusive to the anniversary issue.
  2. A minting first; on the outer rim of the reverse design, the letters A-G appear on each point and are joined by crossing lines. This is a minting first on a UK 50p.

It’s hardly surprising that an anniversary of this significance would warrant such a special 50p design, but the collectability of this remarkable new issue is certain to make this one of the most popular 50p releases of the year.

This coin is a commemorative design only, issued to celebrate the anniversary, and will not be entering general circulation.

How many different designs?!

In the 50 years since its introduction, the 50p coin has seen a change in size specification, two definitive designs, over seventy commemorative designs, four portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and has become the most collected UK coin – a busy few decades some might say!

In the past we’ve asked Change Checkers to vote for their favourite 50p coin of all time and the winning design was the 1994 D Day 50p. But now that this extraordinary new coin has been released, I wonder if it will become a new favourite amongst collectors…

Let us know your thoughts on this brand new release and what your favourite 50p design is below!

Secure The Official 50th Anniversary 50p Coin

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