FIRST EVER King Charles stamps! When and where you can find them…

The FIRST EVER King Charles III stamps have been revealed!

And, eagle eyed collectors will spot Martin Jenning’s portrait of His Majesty appears on the design.

First King Charles Stamps.
Photo depicts First Class and Second Class, and First Class and Second Class large stamps.
The King Charles III Definitive Stamps.

You can pre-order these stamps for your collection by clicking here, ahead of their general release 4th April.

However, tracking these stamps down in the wild will be a little trickier than finding the King Charles 50p in our change…

That’s because of King Charles III’s dedication to climate action and sustainability.

The brand-new stamps will coexist alongside the current Queen Elizabeth II ones and will also feature the new barcode design.

First King Charles Stamps will also featuring the barcode design as seen on the Queen Elizabeth II stamp.
Image shows QEII 1st class stamp.
Queen Elizabeth II 1st Class Stamp
First King Charles Stamps will also featuring the barcode design as seen on the Queen Elizabeth II stamp.
Image shows QEII 2nd class stamp.
Queen Elizabeth II 2nd Class Stamp

As the current stock of Queen Elizabeth II stamps becomes exhausted, we’ll start to see more of the new King Charles ones issued until eventually they all feature the King.

But what does that mean for collectors?

Well, next time you head to your local shop or supermarket to get a new book of stamps, you won’t know which monarch will appear on them.

So, not only does this increase the thrill of the hunt, but it’s also a fair opportunity for people to find these new stamps. You won’t be able to tell which stamps you have until your book is open.

These stamps will be issued from the 4th of April, so the countdown really has begun!

This release is going to be one for the history books.

Collectors will already be aware of the popularity of the first King Charles III 50p issued last year and that’s already off-sale at the Royal Mint in ALL specifications!

So here’s hoping you can get your hands on a brand new stamp when they’re available.

But, if you don’t want to risk missing out, then you can pre-order these stamps for your collection below!

Pre-order the first King Charles III stamps

You can get ahead of the crowds and pre-order the first King Charles III stamps for your collection today by clicking here.

Perfectly presented on official Change Checker Stamp Cards, you will be able to treasure this philatelic first for generations to come.

New UK £2 coin celebrates the world’s most famous locomotive – Flying Scotsman

A brand new UK £2 coin has been issued celebrating the world’s most famous locomotive – Flying Scotsman.

UK Flying Scotsman £2 obverse/reverse.
Showing the famous train in movement with the inscription:
'Flying Scotsman LNER 4472' and the dates '1923-2023'
2023 UK Flying Scotsman £2. Get your hands on the brand new coin here >>

To commemorate its centenary year, The Royal Mint featured a design of Flying Scotsman in motion on the reverse of the £2, by John Bergdahl.

This coin was issued in the 2023 Commemorative Coin Set. But, this is the first time collectors have been able to get their hands on the individual coin!

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Flying Scotsman £2 celebrates poignant anniversary

If you’re lucky enough to have ever travelled on the famous locomotive, you’ll know just how impressive its engineering is – a true symbol of Britain’s great age of steam.

Built in 1923 at Doncaster Works, Flying Scotsman was the first locomotive of the newly formed London and North Eastern Railway (LNER).

UK Flying Scotsman celebrated on new £2 coin.
Black and white image shows Flying Scotsman being built in 1922 in Doncaster
The construction of Flying Scotsman in Doncaster 1922. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

It joined Sir Nigel Gresley as part of the A1 class – the most powerful locomotives used by the LNER at that time.

It coined its name after the daily 10.00 London to Edinburgh rail service which started in 1862.

The British Empire Exhibition made Flying Scotsman famous when it first appeared in 1924.

Record-breaking steam power

1934 saw Flying Scotsman clock 100pm on a special test run, officially making it the first locomotive in the UK to reach that speed.

This was crucial in the negation of LNER’s directors plans to use diesel power on its high-speed services – proving steam power was just as punchy!

After a restoration project in 2006, Flying Scotsman broke yet another record. It returned as a working museum exhibit making it the oldest mainline working locomotive on Britain’s tracks.

Flying Scotsman at Rainhill.
Flying Scotsman at Rainhill. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Flying Scotsman is certainly the world’s most famous locomotive. Despite being retired from regular transportation duties, it still attracts hundreds of thousands of fans at every location it visits.

Have you ever seen Flying Scotsman in action? Let us know in the comments below.

The brand new Flying Scotsman £2 follows in some very big footsteps.

2013 London Underground Roundel £2

In 2013, The Royal Mint marked 100 years of the London Underground with two £2 coins.

This was the first to be issued and features the iconic Underground roundel, designed by Edwina Ellis.

The Tube has 11 lines covering 402 km and serving 272 stations, handling up to five million passenger journeys a day.

2013 London Underground Train £2

The second coin in The Royal Mint’s London Underground series shows a design of the iconic Tube, appearing through a tunnel.

The inscription reads ‘1863 – London Underground – 2013’.

Just 1,690,000 of these £2 coins entered circulation, making it somewhat tricky to get your hands on.

2004 Steam Locomotive £2

This £2 coin was issued to commemorate the 200th anniversary since the development of Richard Trevithick’s ‘Pennydarren‘ – the first steam engine locomotive.

The Pennydarren started the growth of railway transportation in the 19th century.

It travelled from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales to Abercynon on its first journey in 1804, carrying 10 tons of iron, 5 wagons and 70 people on the 9 mile trip.

Celebrate Flying Scotsman’s 100 years of history with this brand new UK £2

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Myths and Legends: King Arthur £5 JUST ISSUED!

Legendary British king and wielder of sword Excalibur, King Arthur features on brand new UK £5 coin!

Myths and Legends £5 series kick-starts with King Arthur £5. Reverse shows the legendary King and his famous Excalibur sword in hand.
The obverse behind shows King Charles III.
Background image shows stones and a sword.
The 2023 King Arthur £5. Get your hands on it here >>

The 2023 UK King Arthur £5 coin has been issued as part of a new coin series of Myths and Legends. And, as one of the first King Charles III coin series, it’s sure to get collectors talking!

The design

David Lawrence, renowned for detailed £5 coin designs, shows King Arthur poised with the Excalibur sword in hand – the perfect tribute to a legendary figure!

Get your hands on one in Brilliant Uncirculated quality here >>

The design has previously been struck on a 2023 1oz Silver coin, pictured below. But, can you spot the differences?

King Arthur 1oz Silver Coin
2023 King Arthur 1oz Silver Coin

Not only do the metal, denomination and inscription differ, but the 1oz Silver coin also features Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy! A dual portrait pair such as this is exciting news for both Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III collectors!

Start your Myths and Legends £5 collection by securing the 2023 UK King Arthur CERTIFIED BU £5 here >>

The mythology of King Arthur

So, why have The Royal Mint dedicated a new £5 coin to King Arthur? Well, Arthurian mythology is still a topic of interest in the 21st century, despite the legend originating in the 9th-10th centuries!

Many historians have tried to prove whether or not the legend of Arthur was king of England, with history professor Ronald Hutton speaking to BBC’s History Extra in 2020 about how we can be certain of one thing. ‘[T]he battle of Mount Badon, which is recorded in both of our earliest texts as one of Arthur’s greatest victories.’

But, even if King Arthur is just a myth, his legendary tale is nothing short of entertaining!

He has been portrayed as a noble knight who wielded a magical sword, Excalibur. The sword itself is surrounded by mythology, with the a 15th century text (Le Morte d’Arthur) stating that whoever pulls the sword out of a stone is the rightful king of England!

And in 1938, author T. H. White wrote a much-loved children’s novel titled The Sword in the Stone! White’s story also features mythological wizard, Merlin, who guides young Arthur along his journey to becoming England’s rightful king.

Therefore, with the legend of King Arthur engrained in British history, it’s only fitting that The Royal Mint have struck a brand new coin to celebrate him!

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2023 UK King Arthur CERTIFIED BU £5

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