On Saturday 17th October, a surprise coin release made the headlines, as a brand new 50p was released to celebrate how diversity built Britain.

This new 50p is the first in a series to celebrate diversity across the whole of Britain and how our diverse culture has helped to shape the rich history and heritage of our nation.

Collectors will also be delighted to hear that 2.5 million Diversity in Britain 50ps are expected to enter circulation today, so now’s the time to get checking your change for this brand new release!

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Designed by Dominque Evans, the new 50p features the words “DIVERSITY BUILT BRITAIN” against a network of interconnected triangles, symbolising the importance of connections between communities, and the strength of these connections cross the country.

Dominique Evans is one of the UK’s foremost coin designers and has reflected her own experience of diversity, growing up as a mixed-race woman, as inspiration for her design.

“When designing this coin, I began by thinking about the people who inspire me and what diversity has meant in my life. I believe that no matter where you are born, we all belong under the same sky and this was the starting point of the design,” Evans said.

Celebrating Diversity on UK Coins

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Master of the Mint, unveiled the brand new UK 50p which celebrates British diversity and marks the profound contribution ethnic minority communities have made to our nation’s history.

He said, “For generations, ethnic minority groups have fought and died for this country we have built together; taught our children, nursed the sick, cared for the elderly; and through their enterprising spirit have started some of our most exciting and dynamic businesses, creating jobs and driving growth.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak commissioned the new 50p coins (Credit: HM Treasury/PA)

The coin was commissioned earlier this year following discussions with the We Too Built Britain campaign and calls for BAME figures to appear on UK coins and banknotes.

Look out for the Diversity Built Britain 50p in your change!

This release really has come as a wonderful surprise for Change Checkers and I’m sure demand for the new issue will be high as collectors rush to secure one for their 50p collection.

Will you be adding the 2020 Diversity Built Britain 50p to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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There’s been much excitement this week for Change Checkers following the accidental early release of a small number of new Paddington 50p coins.

Paddington at the Station BU 50p – Available to order from the 18th June.

The first coins were discovered late last week and quickly made their way onto collectors’ forums and ebay, with one attracting a “sold price” of £16,000 – prompting interest from a number of national newspapers.

Paddington 50p listed for £16,100. Credit: ebay


Of course, in reality, it’s unlikely that the transaction will ever complete at that price and certainly it’s not the time to be bidding on ebay for the new coin as The Royal Mint has confirmed the release date for the new Paddington 50p Coin as 18th June, with a second design, featuring Paddington outside Buckingham palace, following later in the year (also available to pre-order on Monday).

Paddington at the Palace BU 50p – Available to pre-order from the 18th June.


The new coin will be available in the official Royal Mint Presentation Pack, which usually sells for around £10 or in a Change Checker “Certified Brilliant Uncirculated” Presentation for £3.99 from www.westminstercollection.com

Coloured Silver 50p Collector’s Edition also confirmed…

Limited numbers of the Silver Proof Collector’s Edition of the Paddington 50p coin have also been seen in some Post Offices ahead of the 18th June release date.

Paddington at the Station Silver Proof – Available to order from the 18th June.

Again these will be properly available online from 18 June, with a confirmed Limited Edition Presentation of 60,000.