Demand Surges for King Charles III Coin Sets

It’s an exciting time in the collecting world, with many ‘firsts’ to look forward to as we enter a new era of King Charles III coinage.

From the first ever King Charles III portrait featuring on our coins, to the UK’s first ever Coronation 50p, there’s already been some remarkable milestones celebrated on the coins you can find in your change.

These issues will undoubtedly become increasingly sought-after in years to come. But demand for King Charles III coins is already proving to be high!

In August, the Isle of Man released the FIRST King Charles III Decimal Coin Set – including all seven of their decimal coins, which lucky islanders will be able to find in their change.

Isle of Man Manx Wildlife Set

Isle of Man Manx Wildlife Trust Coin Set

I knew these coins would be popular, but I was shocked at just how quickly we sold through our allocation… In fact, all our stocks had completely sold out in just a few days!

Popularity for the first full King Charles III coin set has certainly got us thinking about what could lie ahead for UK coins and just how high the demand might be when we start to see more King Charles coins released.

So far, the 2022 Memoriam 50p and 2023 Coronation 50p have found their way into our change and we released collector maps for both so that Change Checkers can track where across the country these coins are being found.

King Charles III Circulating 50ps

If you’re lucky enough to have found the new Coronation 50p in your change, make sure you add it to our map here >>

In the meantime, I (like many other collectors) am eagerly awaiting the chance to find more King Charles III coins in my change and build up a new collection.

For almost 70 years, our definitive and commemorative coins have featured the Queen’s portrait, but with a new era of King Charles III coinage upon us, the collecting race begins once again!

Own the Queen Elizabeth II LAST Definitive Coin Set

2022 marked the final year of Her Majesty’s reign and, as such, these 2022 dated definitives coins were the last ever to be issued with the Queen’s portrait on the obverse.

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Coronation 50ps ENTER CIRCULATION!

On 10th August 2023, 5 million King Charles III Coronation 50ps entered circulation and we want to know where you’ve seen one! Click here to let us know and view our interactive Collector Map >>

Issued to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III, the Coronation 50p is only the second 50p to enter circulation featuring the King on the obverse.

2023 UK King Charles III Coronation 50p
2023 UK King Charles III Coronation 50p

Uncrowned portrait

Unlike the collector version of the Coronation 50p, which features a special crowned portrait of the King on the obverse, the version entering circulation will feature the standard uncrowned portrait by Martin Jennings.

Typically, male monarchs don’t wear crowns on UK coinage, however as a special issue for the Coronation, the collector versions of the Coronation 50p and £5 both feature His Majesty wearing the Tudor Crown.

Crowned and uncrowned King Charles III portraits
Crowned and uncrowned King Charles III portraits

The circulation version of the Coronation 50p will feature the uncrowned portrait of King Charles – the same one that has appeared on all UK commemorative coins issued since the portrait was announced.

Commemorative 50p coin obverses featuring King Charles III
Commemorative UK 50p coin obverses featuring King Charles III

So, the hunt is on to find a Coronation 50p in your change with the uncrowned portrait and keep it next to your crowned collector version.

If you don’t already have the Coronation 50p in your collection, you can get yours in Brilliant Uncirculated quality here >>

The second EVER King Charles III circulating 50p

Back in December 2022, 4.9 million Queen Elizabeth II Memoriam 50ps entered circulation. As it was the first ever circulating coin to bear the King’s portrait, collectors raced to find it in their change.

2022 UK Queen Elizabeth II Memoriam 50p
2022 UK Queen Elizabeth II Memoriam 50p

We asked you to help us hunt down the first King Charles III 50p by entering your postcode into our map as soon as you found it. 113 locations were recorded on our collector map all the way from Inverness to Penzance, but it turned out the place where you’re most likely to find the first King Charles 50p in your change was Newcastle!

Have you found the Coronation 50p in your change?

We asked you to let us know where you found the Coronation 50p in your change so we could work out where you’re most likely to find one.

Submissions are now closed but you can view the collector map here to see where they’ve been popping up.

Secure the 2023 UK Certified BU Coronation 50p for your collection

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5 Million Coronation 50ps Entering Circulation!

The Coronation countdown has begun, as The Royal Mint reveal an incredible range of new UK coins to celebrate the event.

The star of the show is undeniably the 50p coin – the UK’s FIRST Coronation 50p.

But, what’s really got Change Checkers talking is the exciting news that this coin is set to enter circulation this year!

King Charles III Uncrowned Portrait on Circulating Coronation 50p.
UK Coronation 50p entering circulation with uncrowned portrait.

5 million coins will be released later in 2023 and you can bet that collectors will be on the hunt to track this one down in their change.

Commemorating a once-in-a-lifetime royal event, the likes of which we haven’t seen for 70 years, this coin is set to be one of the most significant issues in our collections.

UK’s FIRST Coronation 50p

The last time the UK celebrated a Coronation The Royal Mint issued a Crown coin.

As you can imagine, 70 years on, the 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Crown remains incredibly sought-after and you can bet that the King Charles III Coronation 50p will likewise see increased demand in years to come.

1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Crown

Spot the Difference!

Eagle eyed collectors out there will notice that the Coronation 50p entering circulation is in fact different to the collector version available to purchase on the 24th April

That’s because a special obverse has been created on the collector edition coins – only seen on this Coronation range!

King Charles III Coronation 50p obverses – crowned and uncrowned.

The collector version of the coin features a crowned portrait of the King.

Wearing the Tudor crown (as shown on His Majesty’s royal cypher), this breaks from the tradition of male monarchs appearing uncrowned on our coinage and sets the coins apart from the standard King Charles coins where he is shown without a crown.

Charles in your Change

These aren’t the first King Charles coins collectors can find in their change.

In fact, almost 5 million 50ps were released into circulation last year bearing the King’s effigy on the obverse.

Change Checkers have been on the hunt to track down this coin and kickstart their King Charles III collection.

The 2022 King Charles III 50p - the first to feature His Majesty.
The 2022 UK Memorial 50p featuring King Charles III obverse.

Now, with the news of the Coronation 50p set to enter circulation, we can look forward to expanding our collections with this significant new issue.

But, with just 5 million set to be released, only 7% of the UK population will be lucky enough to get their hands on one from their change…

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